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Blemish Treatment Concealer - In Fair ONLY


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Skin Rx is proud to introduce its' latest in acne skin solutions with this Super charged, high performance product. Developed by skincare professionals, it is specifically designed to treat ANY skin type with acne.Clinically proven ingredients will ease redness, destroy acne bacteria, and reduce oil production without drying or irritating. This Super-opaque creme in a tube treats and camouflages blemishes with special healing ingredients

This formula blends on easily, under or over makeup to cover and clear blemishes. Salicylic Acid is encapsulated in a slow release delivery system enabling it to quickly clear away blemishes through the day and preventing new ones from appearing. Covers redness with a natural tint that blends with most skin tones. Indulged in too much chocolate - this helps. Adult onset pimples - conceal them!! available in Fair ONLY!!
In new, professional matte black tubes for a unified, streamlined look that's sleek and modern.

Packaging: 0.65 oz black matte tube

This product in Natural has been replaced by Pore Perfecting Face Primer. Check it out!