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May 28 2010

QUESTION: What is the best “compact powder” for greasy skin?

Mineral Secrets Pressed Base Compact. I have been a Make Up Artist for almost 4 years now, so it is safe to say I know what I am talking about! It is a light weight full coverage pressed minerals foundation so you don’t have to deal with those pesty loose minerals flying around! It is also paraben free and matte – which means it absorbs oils throughout the day. You ca find it at

May 28 2010

QUESTION: How exactly does skin clean/clear up? Does eating fruits and veggies and drinking lots of water help??

There is more to cleaning/clearing up your skin than just fruits, veggies & water…though you are absolutely on the right tract. All of those things also have anti-aging benefits as well so you are actually killing two birds with one stone! Everything you put into your body eventually comes out the body, through the skin, so what you put in you also put out! To thoroughly and completely clean and clear up your skin you also need to kill the bacteria on and just beneath the surface. The best way to do this is with an anti bacterial – anti microbial topical. SkinRxClinic carries a kit called the Cleanse & Tone Purifying Kit. It is a 2 part system- Step 1: Acne Cleansing Gel– this is a great start to perfectly clear skin. It gently exfoliates and penetrates deep into pores for a refreshing clean. Daily use will help to clean the pores, reduce pore size, control excess sebum, prevent acne breakouts, and provide overall healthier looking skin. Step 2: Purifying Tonic– this tonic is highly effective at keeping pores clean, removing excess oil and debris.It leaves skin feeling fresh and clean, without that “stripped” feeling and has an anti-inflammatory, tightening, calming and rejuvenating effect. It is worth looking into… has a list of all the products they offer.

May 28 2010

QUESTION: Does Meladerm (Skin Whitening Cream), Actually Work? I’m have very pale skin, so that is not the reason I’m thinking of purchasing the Meladerm skin beaching cream. I have 4 freckles on the side of my face that are much more obvious than the others. They’re literally black & it’s effecting my confidence & social life. I’d really like to get rid of them!

I do not know if Meladerm works…as I am not familiar with that product. I do however know what does work: Lactic Acid. Trust me I have been a skin specialist for almost 4 years now and I have seen a lot of hyperpigmentation with is an over production of melanin causing the discoloration. I know a Lactic Acid “At Home” chemical peel sound scary but its not if you have the right instructions and tools. You will not be preforming this Chemical Peel on your entire face as you referenced above you have specific target spots that you would like to address, so you would apply the Acid solution only to the area you would like to lighten. If you really want to make an impact on these pesty little spots this is the only thing that is going to give you real results! So listen closely…go to they have the best “At Home” Chemical Peel Acids and they supply you with everything you need to make the application process fool proof. Follow this advice and you will be sure to turn that confidence level around! And rightly so…you deserve health, happy, spot free skin! So here are the tools, you make the decision if you want to use them!

May 28 2010

QUESTION: Under eye bags advice please? Can you recommend a way to get rid of my under eye bags that actually works? I seriously need to make them go away, they make me look tired everyday.

To answer your question…YES there actually is an affordable anti-puffiness eye cream that actually works!! I have been a skin specialist and make-up artist for almost 4 years now so trust me when I tell you I have tried it ALL! SkinRxClinic make an eye cream called Eyebright Anti-Puffiness Gelee. Formulated to reduce the signs of aging, puffiness, and darkness around the eyes. It is a super-cooling advanced peptide-packed gel helps decongest and revitalize around the eyes. Cucumber and licorice extract help calm swelling and irritation. Additionally, it revitalizes circulation and assists in eliminating under-eye discoloration and puffiness. Hyaluronic acid offers hydrating properties second to none. It is also paraben free which is just icing on the cake! You can find the product and description at

May 28 2010

QUESTION: What is the best way to cover acne without looking fake?

This is tough and I feel your pain. I had Cystic acne all thought high school and college and I look back at pictures and think omg the make up looks caked on! And it was because at that time there really was no suce thing as Mineral Make Up and that is really going to be the key here. First you want to avoid powders opt for a liquid mineral foundation…my favorite is Mineral Secrets Liquid Mineral Powder Based and it can be found at The Liquid Foundation Powder delivers all the benefits of mineral makeup powders in an easy-to-use hypoallergenic liquid powder. It is the best product I have ever used and I have been an Esthetician and Make up Artist for almost 4 years. If you feel you need a little extra coverage Mineral Secrets also offers a Camoufleur Concealer (ivory is the best color) that is better than any concealer I have ever tried! It is made with plyable molecules that wont rub off, its molds to your skin and is water and crease resistant. Trust me you want to look into this. Also your not paying for the “Bare Minerals or Bare Essentials” name you are getting an equally superior product without the retail mark up!

May 28 2010

QUESTION: Does lemon juice actually get rid of freckles? Will it damage my skin? If not how often should I do it? I have pale dry skin right now with lots of freckles on my face. Any advice?

I would first like to say you will…and I know you may not think so grow to embrace your freckles! But, if you for some reason do not under no circumstance should you ever put lemon juice on your skin, especially you FACE!!! With that being said…because lemon juice is super acidic the theory behind it is the acid can be used as a lightening agent. Unfortunately this is a myth…the pH level of lemon juice will never be low enough to have any effect on the skin, it will if anything only further dry out and dehydrate it! But you are in luck because there just happens to be an Acid that is specifically formulated for hyperpigmentation or dark spots and discolorations and essentially that is what freckles are…an over production of melanin. It is called Lactic Acid and is a superior exfoliant and is highly recommended for hyper-pigmentation. Typically, a Lactic Acid peel does not cause noticeable sloughing like other acid peels and it is a safe “At Home Peel” My favorite Lactic Acid Peel can be found at

May 28 2010

QUESTION: What is the procedure of getting rid of pimples with toothpaste? I was told by a friend that u can use toothpaste to get rid of pimples. Is this true? If so what are the correct steps of using this remedy..?

Here is the theory behind the toothpaste myth…toothpaste is extremely drying and high in Alcohol, and as a result when you apply it to a blemish/pimple it”drys” it out. With that being said it does not have any anti-bacterial of anti-microbial benefits so you are in no was killing the acne causing bacteria that is under the surface. So yes you have dried up the blemish but you haven’t address what caused the blemish in the first place. So as soon as oil, dirt and debris builds back up on the skin you will be right back where you started…with toothpaste covered pimples! My suggestion to you is a product called End-Zit and it can be found at I have always had acne, it was the cystic type and and they were big, hard, under the skin bumps that would not for the life of me go away and couldn’t be extracted/popped. The only product that I found worked, and work fast was the End-Zit Acne Control Drying Lotion. Almost overnight this product can heal and minimize the appearance of pimples. The active ingredient is Sulfur 5% instead of your typical Salicylic or Benzoyl Peroxide Acne products. The product lasts forever! All you need is a dab before bed at night and your pimples will be gone in the morning!

May 28 2010

QUESTION: What do you recommend I put on sunburn so it doesn’t peel? I tend to sunburn really bad, even when I use sun block. I usually put aloe on it but my skin still feels irritated and peels. Is there anything else that I can use?

You are in luck because I have the perfect recommendation for you! SkinRxClinic makes an Aloe Soothing Masque. As you mentioned above Aloe by itself doesn’t seem to help you! So I suggest this product due to its added ingredients and benefits! It is a gel masque loaded with botanical extracts for gentle, calming effects. Azulene, Chamomile and whole leaf Aloe Vera provide healing and hydrating benefits and Willowherb Extracts calms the skin and reduces inflammation. You can find the product and description at

May 24 2010

QUESTION: How do I go about getting rid of oily skin? OK, so I have tried lots of cleansers and exfoliators – and I cleanse everyday but my skin still gets oily and now that its summer time it is REALLY oily! I always moisturize in the morning but that doesnt work. My skin still gets oily even if I use tissues to wipe the excess oil of. I need help – it’s really affecting my self-esteem and confidence. Do you have any suggestions or advice?

Well you seem like you are on the right track to getting that self-confidence level up. I’ve also had extremely oily skin my entire life (well at least up to this point in my life) so I feel your pain and frustrations and I completely understand! With that being said I do know of a product that will help. It is called Glyco-Lactic Gel Cleanser and is made by SkinRxClinic. Glyco-Lactic Gel Cleanser is an oil free cleanser containing 8.5% glycolic acid for gentle, refined exfoliation and sebum (oil) control. It is great to use on your face and body-if you tend to get the occasional shoulder or back blemish. 

May 24 2010

QUESTION: Is the Clinique 3-step skincare routine supposed to do this? The clinique lady asked a few questions and branded me a type 1. I have dry skin around my whole face, while my cheeks are VERY dry. Any blemishes that appear are only around and under my nose. After about a week of using the 3 steps twice a day, I started getting raised pimples on my cheeks and on my forehead. Over the days, I continued with the routine hoping that it would clear up. They’re still there. The haven’t gotten too much worse, just a bit more red and more abundant but no cystic acne or anything. Is this supposed to happen?

To answer you question…NO! A skincare regime (no matter what it is for) it may be anti-aging or anti-acne should never in anyway irritate or make the skin worse! With that being said I will explain to you what has happened….I noticed you mentioned you had “slightly” dry skin to begin with and that is where this all begins. When you start out with dry skin it is imperative to properly hydrate that skin with causing “milia” which are little hard bumps on the surface of the skin that you can not seam to clear up and you can not seam to extract so you are in breakout limbo! Here is why “milia” form. When you have dry skin it means there is a lack of oil production and as a result you need a richer moisturizer to fully keep it hydrated. However, if you over moisturize you are actually trapping the natural oils from your skin so the skin can not properly breath and the cycle begins! Just because you have Dry skin does not mean you have Dehydrated skin and the Clinique 3 step system yo are on is for Dry/Dehydrated Skin so its no wonder this has happened. You didn’t mention you have a problem with acne so I am assuming you are looking for hydration or anti-aging. SkinRxClinic has a 3 Step Clinical Skincare System specifically designed for dry sensitive skin types. Follow these links and all the info you will need for this skincare regime will come up with a description of why, how and when to use the system properly. Step 1- Glyco-Lactic Cleanser Step 2- Glyco-Lactic Toner Step 3- Glycolic Lotion. These 3 products naturally exfoliate the skin and will assist in the removal of the small red bumps. The bumps will go away, but it will take time for the residue to dissolve. Exfoliation will also help speed up the process. Hope this helps!

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