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Jun 25 2010

QUESTION: If I turned dark from being in the sun, over time will I go back to my natural color? I’m dark skinned but more on the lighter side for dark skinned. Recently I have been in the sun a lot and have gotten a bit darker. I got a sunburn and thought that’s what it was but it’s not all my skin, mostly now it looks like discoloration. Will my skin ever return to its lightness and will it look less spotty? Or dose the pigment of our skin take on its surrounding to protect it?

Give it time and the pigment will come back. Here is what happened: as a result of being in the sun you body over produced melanin-this product discoloration at a cellular level. Eventually the melanin will decrease and return to normal. The reason it is spotty is because the melanin increases and decreases at different rates. In the future you will need to invest in a good Sun Protection to assure this doesn’t happen again. Make sure it is a physical Sun block and not a chemical sun block. A physical Sun block will contain either Zinc or titanium as one or both of the active ingredients. A chemical Sun Block will not have either of these minerals in the ingredients at all. A physical Sun Block reflects the sun’s rays so they never get a chance to penetrate the skin. A chemical Sun Block absorbs the sun’s rays until it cannot absorb any more and you need to reapply. Skin Rx Clinic carries a product called Advanced Protection SPF 30…and it is a physical sun block as well as having anti-aging properties.

Jun 25 2010

QUESTION: What substances are recommended for making facial scrubs? I would like to make a homemade facial scrub but I am not sure what would be safe to use. I want to avoid using salt, or grain. I have heard that salt crystals can cause microscopic cuts in the skin and that grain can tear it, is this true? Also, what can be used besides sugar?

To answer your question yes you heard correctly! Salt crystals are guaranteed to cause microscopic cuts in the skin and grain will most defiantly tear it!! That being said sugar is not going to be any different…sugar will surely scratch the surface of the skin as well! I don’t recommend using any type of homemade scrub as a way to exfoliate the skin. All of the mention products have jagged edges. If the exfoliator does not have a perfectly symmetrical cut it causes tears in the skin. This can cause premature aging and in some cases scarring. When it comes to your face it is better to save up and spring for a professional product specifically designed to exfoliate the skin. Skin Rx Clinic makes a Microdermabrasion Peel that is formulated with the same Corundum Crystals used in machines at Doctor’s offices or Salons. Both Glycolic Acid and Corundum Crystals assist in peeling away the dead, dull cells and exfoliate the skin. The Glycolic Acid loosen up the dead skin and the crystals buff it away. It is relatively inexpensive and well worth looking into before you start trying homemade alternatives!

Jun 25 2010

QUESTION: My pimples are getting worse; Do you have any suggests or advice? My pimples have gotten worse and they hurt. I also have a lot of blackheads. I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work. I noticed when I was outside in the sun my pimples cleared up. Why is it when I’m in the sun the pimples clear up for a few weeks?

I understand your frustration; I too battled with acne…mostly cystic (which sounds like what you have). Cystic Acne are large, hard, sore, irritated cysts. Then you have of course the stubborn blackheads that are ever returning and never seem to go away! Skin Rx Clinic carries a product called 15% Glycolic Soothing Gel. It is designed to penetrate deep into the skin to address the problem from the inside opposed to trying to clear it up from the outside. It is an oil free gel that improves the texture and condition of skin with large pores, acne and blackheads. Skin Rx Clinic also provide this product in a kit consisting of everything you need to fight, clear up and keep your skin clear of blemishes. The 15% Smoothing Gel worked wonders for me and is definitely worth looking into.

Now to address the issue why the sun helped temporarily improve your skin. The sun assists in clearing up acne by drying out the skin. Drying out the skin in return slows down sebum (oil) production and as a result the pores don’t clog as easily and bacteria doesn’t have a chance to grow. A soon as you are not constantly in the sun the skin over produces oil and can actually make the acne flare up worse! The sun will also accelerate the aging process and produce premature fine link and wrinkles so it’s better to avoid direct sunlight as a source to clear up your skin…better to try the 15% Smoothing Gel Acne Kit!

Jun 18 2010

QUESTION: I was looking at your site and would like to try your brand. I am not sure what shade of foundation to try. I am not as dark skinned as the model shown on your site. My complexion is more like that of Michelle Obama. Which foundation shade would you recommend? Can you also suggest some eye, lip and blush shades to try. I have normal/combination skin. Look forward to hearing from you!

I am thrilled you are interested in our products! I am a little confused however as to your skin tone. You say you are similar in color to Michelle Obama….Cocoa or Caramel would be what I would recommend for her skin tone. If you are lighter than I would go with Canvas if you are darker then I would go Espresso. You also have options…. Loose Mineral Powder- offers full coverage, sheer finish, Pressed Powder- offers a little more coverage and slightly darker pigments. We also carry a Liquid Mineral Foundation Powder that is to die for! It is one of my favorite products! Liquid Mineral Powder- offers full coverage, lightweight, velvety smooth finish, dries as a powder…you would be Almond. Mauvelous is our #1 selling Mineral Blush-this also comes in Loose and Pressed formula. It is the perfect blend of pink, peach ad berry. My personal favorite is Ginger- it has more orange/peach color to it. They are both really nice shades, its more preference of color. Eye Shadow- Flax is a must! It looks good alone or blended. It has a nude natural color to it and can be worn AM & PM. I am also a fan of Ivy, Haze & English Rose.

Loose Mineral Base Pressed Mineral Base

Liquid Mineral Base

Loose Crushed Mineral Blush

Pressed Mineral Blush

Loose Crushed Eye Shadow-

Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow*from+%2425!*

The Loose mineral Base comes in Try Me sizes. I would recommend starting with these, it also gives you the ability to custom blend your powder by mixing them together!

I hope this helps! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Jun 18 2010

QUESTION: I have just run across your website for SkinRxClinic and was very impressed with the testimonials that I read. I have used Bare Essentials and Sheer Cover in the past and neither product did the job for me! I have rosacea, broken blood vessels on my cheeks, and I perspire a lot on my face. No matter what I use, I always look AWFUL. I am a licensed cosmetologist, so I am familiar with applying makeup. I am 67 years old and retired, but I have not lost the desire to look good. I also have moderate bags under my eyes and no product has helped to conceal them. I realize that you can’t make a “silk purse out of a sow’s ear”, but I believe there has to be something that can make me look just some better. No product that I have used concealed the rosacea and broken vessels. I hate wearing the creamy make-up because that causes me to be hotter and sweat that much more. I have even been to a couple of skin specialists and they more or less told me to live with it!!!! I’m at my whit’s end, I will be very anxious to hear from you, it is getting to the point that I hate to even go anywhere!

Hi Maye, you came to the right place! Being an acne survivor myself…I know a thing or two about feeling like you look “awful”. I also know what it’s like to have red, inflamed skin and feel absolutely hopeless! So let’s see if I can’t help put you on the path to healthy, happy skin! Before we talk make up, lets discuss skin treatment options. Some of my best clients suffer from rosacea and as a result we carry customize treatment plans specifically formulated for even the most sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. If you are looking for a treatment regime I recommend SkinRxClinic’s  Rosacea Kit #1: The kit will address all areas of concern you referenced and includes:

Arnica Face wash– Arnica repairs, calms & heals, Aloe Leaf Gel is soothing and cooling; Angelica Soothes and repairs; Echinacea is anti-microbial as well as anti-aging.

Willowherb Soothing Serum– this is a ultra cooling, soothing gel containing Canadian willowherb, clinically proven to calm redness and irritation while acting as an anti-bacterial agent. Vitamin K is added for its blood clotting ability and aids in healing and calming capillaries/blood vessels that have enlarged or burst. Vitamin K is great for darkness under the eyes too!

Skin Recovery– is a lightweight, non-greasy, hydrating moisturizer is saturated with ingredients to hydrate, moisturize and repair sensitive skin. Linden extract normalizes blotchy, red skin.

Visiblie Lift Eye Gel– The Visible Lift Eye Gel is an amazing firming/lifting gel formula with natural ingredients including Cucumber Extract and Firming Hydrators. Gently reduces puffiness and dark circles. Soothes and refreshes irritated, dry or dehydrated tired eye area. You can leave this gel in the fridge for extra anti puffiness benefits!

PVA Shammy– cleanses the skin with this cloth instead of harsh washcloths. Gentle on sensitive skin. Cleans great around the eyes and for removing eye make-up thoroughly.

If you are just looking for one “SUPER HERO” product…..SkinRxClinic has it! RosaPlex Skin Serum is just that…a super product! My clients who already have a skincare treatment regime and are just looking for a miracle product, RosaPlex is it! RosaPlex Skin Serum is specially formulated for the most sensitive, reactive, rosacea-prone skin. It is a clinically-proven, unique marine complex combined with Arnica Montana Flower Extract and Beta-Glucan, provides combined anti-inflammatory and skin-clearing effects aimed at helping resolve and prevent: flushing or redness that does not go away, small bumps, pimples or papules, dry or rough looking skin, dilated or visible capillaries, burning or itching of the skin, while helping lightly and gently to renew skin texture prone to dryness, visibly open pores and/or superficial irregularity.

If you choose only the RosaPlex serum and would still like to address the under eye bags, the Visible Lift Eye Gel is available solo.

Now that we have discussed treatment, let’s talk make-up. There is nothing worse than feeling and looking like you are wearing “too much” make-up. It’s hot, sweaty, uncomfortable and it looks bad! With that being said…there is a solution! Mineral Based Make-up ! I know you said you have used Bare Essentials and Sheer Cover in the past with unsatisfying results, but don’t get discouraged to Mineral Make Up all together! You are not the first client I have who was ready to through in the towel on the Mineral Make-up craze! While I DO recommend using a mineral base, I DO NOT recommend using a powder mineral base, they tend to cake up and crease into lines and wrinkles and actually do more harm than good. I would opt for a Liquid Mineral Foundation Base. SkinRxClinic’s Liquid Mineral Base offers a velvety smooth fluid and triples as a foundation, sun block and anti-ager. It features our exclusive, gentle and non-irritating multi-mineral complex, plus micro-diffusers to reduce the appearance of redness and or lines. And it dries Matte which will help absorb oils and reduce sweat.

So, you are correct….you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear….but it’s not time to give up trying!

Jun 16 2010

QUESTION: I saw your website and need some assistance selecting peels. I’ve had Jessner Peels in the past and one Lactic Acid Peel. Jessner looked good the first day and then nothing. Lactic acid just caused some burned areas and that was it. Can you recommend a peel or series of peels. I am blonde, have fair skin and I’m in my early sixties? My skin type is normal/dry (dry mostly around the eyes).I would like to firm and tighten the skin on my face, but I would also like to do the lines on my chest and hands. I was thinking of a Jessner Peel with some additional TCA added. I haven’t had a peel in over 2 years. It is extremely expensive to get a series of peel treatments at the Doctor’s office and I was hoping to do this and get some at home results before July 2nd. I am going away. I would sincerely appreciate any advice as to your product line.

First I would like to say I am glad you have decided to be proactive with your skin, ans SkinRxClinic is the perfect place to start! A Jessner Peel is the only “At Home” Chemical Acid that is strong enough to give you the results you are looking for as described in your email…or as close to those results as possible. I do not recommend adding additional TCA until you have performed at least 4 Jessner Peels prior. You will do more damage than good if you over stimulate the skin. Chemical Acid Peels are a process…that is why you pay a fortune for a series of peels in the Doctor’s office or Spa. It is not a ploy to extract money from you  (however they do chare an arm & leg for them)…it is because you actually need the “series” of peels to complete the process. This being said you will have better result doing a series of “At Home” Jessner Peels than one super server Jessner/TCA mix. Also if you do decide to go the Jessner/TCA route I highly recommend having a Professional perform the peel!!! I am not sure where and when you received your previous Jessner Peel treatment but your result should most defiantly last up to 3 weeks! This peel is designed to be used every 3-4 weeks so results are expected to last! The Jessner solution kills the skin and as a result forces the cells to regenerate as a result of this the skin die, falls off, regenerates and healthy, hydrated, firmer skin emerges. This is the process; this is how the peel is designed to work. Next- you mentioned you would like to Peel the areas on your chest and hands…Jessner Acid is the only acid that can be applied to those areas, and provide any kind of result. Follow this link to my 10 Day Jessner Peel Journal and you can see a day by day of the Peel process and read exactly what I experience as the days went by. ( I know there is an age difference, and there for a difference in our skin but this Journal will be a guideline as to what you should be experiencing, as well as what you can expect. I recommend getting the Peel Prep Kit– this includes Pre-Peel Pre & Post-Peel Neutralizer as well as application brush and dispensing dish. This will insure maximum results when you peel. Last- A physical sunscreen (must include Zinc or Titanium) is an absolute must…no if, ands or buts!

Next- If you are looking for a skin care regime to maintain your results Post-Peel, here are my recommendations: Glyco-Lactic Gel Cleanser– this can be used as an anti-aging body cleanser as well (AM & PM Cleanser), The Anti-Age Kit– contains Face Firming Complex & Bio-Peptide Concentrate (these will be your AM & PM Serums), Herbal Moisture Crème (AM & PM Moisturizer). These will be your TREARMENT products! Meaning the will repair and restore the damaged skin and help with cell turnover. I know you want all of this to happen before you go away the beginning of July but that really only gives you enough time to start the improvement process. You should be able to get in one full Jessner face, chest and hands peel! And one month (which is how long you will need to see improvement with your treatment products) to start using new products!

NOTE: AVOID direct sunlight for 1 week following the Jessner Peel and use a physical Sun Protection with SPF 30 or higher! This is very important as you do not want to damage the healthy skin that regenerate itself, this will be defeating the purpose of the peel.

All products referenced can be found @

Jun 16 2010

QUESTION: Is there a way to get rid of dark discolorations on the skin? When I was younger I was overweight and my upper thighs rubbed together and I always had a rash. Gradually through the years the skin got darker and darker and a couple years ago the dark spots started to become lighter, but only in the center! Dermatologists have told me Microdermabrasion treatments will help but I would need several treatments and it will be extremely expensive. I have tried every skin lightener on the market without success, and have become very discouraged. Do you have any suggestions for me?? Is there any hope??

There is hope and I believe I can help you! I’d first like to say this really stinks and I’m sorry you even have to go through this…that being said let’s get down to business! Your best shot at reducing the discolored (brown) pigment on your inner thighs is a combination of SkinRxClinic’s Microdermabrasion Peel and 50% Lactic Acid Peel. Here’s why: Our Microdermabrasion Peel is a mixture of Corundum Crystals (the exact same crystals used in Doctor Offices and Spas) and a 10% Glycolic Acid solution. This is perfect as the dermatologists you have seen in the past recommend a series of Microdermabrasion treatments this gives you the ability to follow their advice without the cost, and it allows you to use it in the comfort of your own home when it is convenient for you at an affordable price! Lactic Acid is a milk protein and is specifically designed to lighten at a cellular level hyper-pigmentation or dark skin discolorations. Here’s how it works: The Microdermabrasion Peel will exfoliate the surface skin with the Corundum Crystals & Glycolic Acid combination. Then the Lactic Acid will lighten the skin all the way down to the cellular level. The exfoliation form the microdermabrasion peel will allow deeper penetration of the Lactic Acid and in return you will get a better result! This is a process and I know your patience are worn thin…you have been dealing with this your whole life, they should be! But at least I am telling you there is hope and if you are determined-which I am certain you are, you can at the very least diminish the look to match the center of the circles!

Jun 11 2010

QUESTION: Super oily forehead!? My skin is really oily but my forehead looks like someone literally put grease on it. I have tried everything from oil absorbing sheets to powder foundation but nothing seems to help. I have my acne under control, it’s just the oily skin that bothers me. Any Suggestions?

This is tough because you are not trying to fight acne you are trying to fight oil, and oil production is a natural process in the body. I suggest using a toner. SkinRxClinic makes a Glyco-Lactic Toner. It is a mild, non-alcoholic toner that will cool, refresh and balances sebum (oil) levels your skin by using active plant extracts and AHA’s to gently exfoliate, soothe, clarify, and rejuvenate. Its also “oil free”…anything containing oils you want to stay away from. Using a powder foundation is defiantly better than using a liquid but you want to make sure what you are using dries matte…this means it will absorb oils before they emerge and help keep your face fresh and healthy looking instead of greasy and oily! Make sure which ever make up you are using is mineral based, this will allow your skin to breath and prevent the pores from becoming clogged. SkinRxClinic carries an Ultra Sensitive Mineral Powder Foundation that works great…

Jun 11 2010

QUESTION: Can you recommend a really good eye cream, one that keeps the eye area truly hydrated and doesn’t dry out? I don’t know if it’s age or allergies, but for the past week my eyes have been horribly itchy, and I’m rubbing them so hard my cheekbones ache. The eye creams I’ve used before have dried out in no time. I need something that really works and really last. Any suggestions?

SkinRxClinic make an eye cream called Eye Bright Intensive Eye Cream. It is Paraben Free- so no dyes, filler, or irritating preservatives. I have been a skin specialist for some time now and I may also be able to help with the source of the problem. There are no oil glands in the delicate tissue around the eye. With this being said, as soon as you apply your eye cream it spreads. And if you are applying your eye cream too close to the tear duct the product is sure to seep right into the duct and will most certainly cause the symptoms you are describing. Next time you apply be cautious of this and see if it helps! I would also lay off the eye cream for a week or so…give the whole are some time to breath!!

Jun 11 2010

QUESTION: How to get rid of redness round the nose area? Around the edges of my nose (that little crease where the nose joins the cheek) is really red and has been for ages. Is there anything I can do that will help?

Usually redness is a sign of weakened capillaries. As a result the skin is thin and you can see the blood just under the surface. Strengthening the weakened capillaries will reduce the visibly of the blood and in return reduce the redness. SkinRxClinic carries a product called Vital K. It is design to strengthen capillaries and reduce redness in delicate areas on the face.

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