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Apr 15 2010

QUESTION: Is MAC cosmetics really better that other make up? I always get make up at target and it usually makes my face look kinda…blah and I try not to spend too much money on it, even though I wear a fair amount.

I have never been one to put another brand down. I am however a make up artist and I will give you the facts. MAC make up is fantastic if your looking for a dramatic look…if you look back at the MAC ads you will notice all of the MAC models show severally dramatic makeup pictures. There is a reason for this…that is the look of MAC Cosmetics! It tends to be heavy and thick and pore clogging. You feel like you are wearing makeup…and I personally don’t like that feeling. I recommend checking out SkinRxClinic. They have a wide variety of Mineral based makeup as well as Pressed Foundations and Liquid Mineral Foundation. They have everything you could possibly need from pharmaceutical grade skincare to mineral makeup (including blushes and eye shadows) to brushes and brush kits…it is definitely a one stop shop! Check it out…
Apr 15 2010

QUESTION: Does Panoxyl 5 acne gel work? I have mild acne and need to know if this is a valid product or do I have other options?

I have never heard of Panoxyl 5 but that’s not to say it doesn’t exist or doesn’t work…I just personally haven’t heard of it. That said…I am an acne survivor and fought it my whole life so I feel your pain. I highly recommend a Alpha-Beta Glycolic and Salicylic Acid. My favorite products can be found at SkinRxClinic. They have a Acne Cleansing Gel and Acne Purifying Tonic that work wonders!.

The Acne Cleansing Gel gently exfoliates and gets deep into your pores to tackle tough and blemish-prone skin. Its mild foaming 12% alpha and beta hydroxy acid cleanser and it helps to clean the pores, reduce pore size, control excess sebum, prevent acne breakouts, and provide overall healthier looking skin.
The tonic is highly effective at keeping pores clean and removing excess oil and debris. It helps fight acne causing bacteria, and minimizes the appearance of pores. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean, without that “stripped” feeling and it has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti fungal benefits.You can find them at

Apr 13 2010

QUESTION: Whats the best makeup to cover acne scars? Is powder or foundation better or shall I use both? My scars are on my cheeks and some are quite deep. I dont know whether to buy proper camoflage makeup that people use for birthmarks or do some brands of makeup have foundation/powders for that purpose? I dont want to look caked in makeup but I do want flawless skin (if possible) Any ideas, makeup tips or makeup brands that you would recommend??

Ok so here’s the deal…I feel your pain because I am an acne survivor and although it was not a quick and easy road I made it! Have you thought about an At Home chemical peel? I know this sounds scary but it will be your best friend! I recommend Glycolic Acid Peel it is so simple and easy …even a caveman can do it! haha But on a serious note: go to they have At Home chemical peels and a Esthetician you can talk to so you have all the info you need before you start your peel. The benefit of having it at home is that you can do it more often and for 1/3 the price. This works and I know it, I’ve tried everything and this was the ticket! As far as make up goes you are right to be concerned about it looking caked in. That is exactly what happened to me. I look back at pictures now and think OMG I mad it look so much worse. Well I wish the had Mineral Make Up when I really needed it! Mineral is the way to go! If you need a little more coverage go for a Liquid Mineral Foundation and follow up with a Loose Mineral Foundation. Try just reference “mineral” in the search box. I hope this help, good luck…I have been there
Apr 13 2010

QUESTION: What can I use to stop my lips from cracking and being chapped? My lips are constantly dry, chapped, and cracked. I use chapstick and things like that but it doesnt seem to work. Its to the point that I can peel off a whole layer of the skin on my lips! Please Help!

This is the worst! I have had this same problem and mine also got to the point where I could pull the skin off in layers. Here is the problem…Right now your lips are to chapped and there is so much dead skin build up that it can actually be pulled off in sheets. The problem with this is no matter what you apply it wont be able to penetrate and actually hydrate your lips…basically you are moisturizing dead skin! I have two suggestions for you:

1st- the only product that has worked for me is called Vibran-C Lip Treatment SPF 15. You have to get it online but its inexpensive and there’s free shipping. The website is just reference “Vibran-C” in the search box and it will pull up. The vitamin C repairs and protects dry, chapped lips, and vitamin E delivers extreme hydration.

2nd- After the shower when your lip are moist take your toothbrush and gently scrub your lips. This will speed up the exfoliation process and help remove some of the dead skin built up that’s already there so whichever product you do chose will have a chance to actually penetrate and in return hydrate.

Hope this helps!
Apr 13 2010

QUESTION: What kind of pimples are these? I’ve been getting dry skin and the break outs are big pimples. Some are tiny white heads and deep black heads, when I pick them, the stuff comes out green! Is this normal?

Ok so here’s the deal…sounds like you have some serious bacteria growing under the surface layer of skin and this is clogging your pores. I use the word bacteria because you say its green in color and that is usually what causes that! The little white bumps are called Millia and they are hard and not extractable (wont pop) The blackheads are clogged pores that have been oxidized. I strongly recommend trying the Microdermabrasion Peel from Just go to the website type “micro” in the search box and check it out. It contains glycolic acid and has perfectly symmetrical micro crystal to help remove some of the dead built up surface skin! Once the dead skin is gone the product can penetrate deeper and help clear up the bacteria causing the breakouts!

NO picking, you don’t want scars! There is actually a tool called an extractor that is specifically designed for those stuborn pimples. offers two options: Double Loop Extractor & Wire Extractor.

Apr 08 2010

QUESTION: Do you carry Mica-Free mineral makeup? Paraben-Free seems to be everywhere but I am having a hard time finding Mica-free products!

Your search stops here! has the perfect product for you! Our Ultra Sensitive Mineral base is Mica-free and Paraben-free so you get the best of both worlds and its great for any skin type from extremely sensitive to oily and acne prone! Available in ten shades, Mineral Secrets Ultra Sensitive Loose Mineral Foundation comes in a 6 gram jar, contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for a natural Sun Protection Factor and we add pure silk powder to provide an amazing texture like no other mineral foundation on the market!

Try it out…I am sure you will love it!!

Mar 24 2010

QUESTION: Is there a product on the market that can get rid of my stubborn dark under eye circles??

Yes. The trick to getting ride of dark under eye circles is Vitamin K. What you are seeing is blood at the surface of the skin caused by weakened capillaries. has a product called Vital K and it actually helps strengthen the capilaries and reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles. I recommend anyone with dark circles check this product out. And hang in there it is not an easy process and there is no quick fix but you can deminish the appearance!

Mar 17 2010

QUESTION: What are chemical peels? And what are chemical peels used for?

Chemical peels produce controlled injury to the skin which promotes growth of new skin with improved appearance. Many different chemicals are used for chemical peels and include glycolic acid, Lactic acid, salicylic acid, and “Jessners” solution.

Chemical peels are used for the treatment of photoaging (from sun damage), wrinkles, scarring, acne, precancerous lesions, and discoloration (including melasma, freckles, and age spots).

Mar 10 2010

QUESTION: I’m 22 and I would like to use some sort of anti-wrinkle cream for my eyes as a preventitive measure, but everything I`ve tried gives me pimples, which I never get there otherwise. Any suggestions? I would also like to know of a very very light facial sunblock to wear under my make up or alone that won`t give me pimples or feel greasy or heavy

I thinks it’s great you are thinking about taking preventive measures. Parabens or fillers are used to create the best preservative effect. These ingredients can be irritating and pore clogging and can cause breakouts. I recommend using a Paraben Free product such as Skin Rx Clinic Eyebright Intensive eye cream or Eyebright Anti-puffiness Gel. You will be much less likely to breakout and you will still reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

As far as sunblock goes it is essential that Zinc Oxide is one of the active ingredients. Zinc has the ability to reflect UVA & UVB rays instead of absorb them like most sun protection. I’d suggest Skin Rx Clinics Advanced Protection SPF 30. This creamy lotion is fragrance free, lightweight and provides UVA/UVB full spectrum protection with anti-oxidants!!

Mar 10 2010

QUESTION: I cleanse, tone and moisturize morning and night but I`m still very spotty is there anything I can do to get rid of my spots?

You should add a face cream with Retinol such as Skin Rx Clinic Pro-Med Retinol Face Creme to your routine. Apply evenly on face and neck every morning and in the evening on cleansed skin. The cream can also be used as a base under makeup. Applied regularly to the skin it will create a smoother and rosier glow. It is used to aid in the reduction of lines, wrinkles, and to fade age spots. 

Using an At Home Chemical peel can also be very benificial. Lactic Acid is a highly recommended for treating hyper-pigmention and age spots. I recommend Skin Rx Clinics Professional strength Lactic Acid Chemical Peel.

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