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Sep 08 2010

QUESTION: Do you know of any products good for Keratosis Pilaris? I’ve had it for years and I can’t live with it anymore. I have serious discoloration and hard little bumps. Do you have any products that could assist me with that because I’ve tried everything under the sun! Thank for your response and I am so eager to treat this diseased skin of mine. Who do I speak with about this product? Thanks!

Hi, my name is Tara I name the Esthetician and Make-Up Artist here at Skin Rx Clinic. Any questions you may have you can contact me. I need a little more info about your Keratosis Pilaris…like where is it mostly (arms, face, etc) and is it mainly the little hard bumps or do you have red discoloration as well?? Once you get back to me with this information I can help better customize a regimen for you.


I am African American so the bumps aren’t red, they’re actually dark brown but they get red if irritated. They are mostly on my back and arms, but they show up in different spots as well. Thanks for your help. I order the lightning kit and I hope it helps. I really appreciate you assisting me because other products didn’t. I’m also using Meladerma bleaching cream to help even my skin tone. Do you know anything about the product?


I can only imagine you have tried everything!!! Without success! I won’t lie to you…this is an extremely hard skin problem to treat. That being said I am not telling you to give up and I do have suggestions for you. Your best option is The Microdermabrasion Peel; Its 2 in 1 formula might be just what you need. Glycolic Acid will help loosen up the skin and the Corundum Crystals buff away the skin the Glycolic Acid loosened. This allows the Glycolic acid to penetrate and help dissolve the bumps. This is what I would try first. You might also want to try Skin Rx Clinic’s Skin Lightener, it is designed to rebuild pigment and from how you described it, it sounds like you have damaged the melanin and it has turned a brownish color. If this is true the skin lightener will assist in restoring the color. I think we should first see if the Microdermabrasion Peel helps if so we should stick with that for a bit and see what results we can get from that product. If you are interested in both we do offer a Skin Lightening Kit that includes the Skin Lightener, Microdermabrasion Peel & Sun Protection. This is going to be a process…I just want you to be aware that this will not happen overnight but if you are committed I am happy to help!! Another benefit of the Microdermabrasion Peel is that it can be mixed with Skin Rx Clinic’s Glyco-Lactic Gel Cleanser and used as an everyday scrub…You mix one part Microdermabrasion Peel to 1 part Glyco-Lactic Gel Cleanser and apply like you would your body wash…this will prevent the area from becoming sensitive or irritated.

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