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Pro-Med Retinol Face Creme 1.7oz


Ships within 1 to 3 days.

A light, rapidly absorbed sheer cream with a unique combination of high potency levels of Retinol, Vitamins E & C, Alpha/Beta Hydroxy Acids and natural Squalane. Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate, Retinol) and Vitamin C encourage new collagen formation.
Unlike many Vitamin A products on the market today, through the marvels of the newest silicone technology, the benefits of Vitamin A (Retinol) in its purest form are incorporated into an oxidation-resistant, longer lasting, maximum potency formulation.

This product replenishes moisture and dramatically improves skin tone, reduces deep lines and furrows and eliminates wrinkles in a remarkably short time. Protect your skin from the ravages of Environmental Stress while producing new collagen formation. This new collagen is necessary in order to eliminate / diminish wrinkles and lines and improve the vitality of your skin. Excellent for normal, dry, or very dry skin. Sun damage spots will clear, lines and wrinkles will diminish and often disappear, skin will look firmer, more radiant and tighter! Your skin will maintain a soft, smooth, silky feel and appearance all day long. Use during the night for the first week. Thereafter use A.M. & P.M. Results are seen within first days of use. We have reduced our everyday great value from $46.00 to $39.95.

Clients are always fascinated to learn that at night, the skin repairs itself from the days damage. Its an amazing process, but one thats often overlooked and misunderstood.

At night, skin experiences several changes:
Transepidermal water loss (TEWL) increases, causing the skins protective hydrolipid barrier to weaken, allowing for greater penetration of active ingredients.
The skins own natural antioxidant levels increase.
Skin repairs from the days damage from exposure to environmental aggressors, such as UV rays, smog, nicotine, etc. and rejuvenates itself.
Stress hormones decrease during sleep, so the skin is better able to repair itself.
Oil production is two times lower at night than during the day.

What are the benefits of a dedicated nighttime skin care plan?

The same routine is followed both morning and night: start with cleanser and end with moisturizer. But when the sun goes down and skin starts to work the night shift, you can take advantage of its physiological changes to maximize visible results--and see skin that looks firmer and younger in the morning.