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DNA Ampoule - Each Vial is .12 fl. oz


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DNA is a nucleic acid that can replicate itself, creating new copies of itself. This advanced preparation contains water-soluble DNA which forms a protein film on the contour of skin, acting as a "second skin" to guard against the stresses of environment without impeding the natural transpiration process. Ionizable.

Information concerning DNA: It is a purified extractor from marine source, made of nucleotide fragments of DNA and said to stimulate keratinocyctes growth and increase vitality and cell protection of fibroblast cultures. In-vivo evaluations on 20 volunteers show significan increase of skin moisture, high and significant increase of biological elasticity, increasing cutaneous thickness and improved wrinkle profile.


Hydrolyzed DNA - Deeply hydrating, nourishing, smoothing
Hydrolyzed RNA Deeply hydrating, increases moisture levels, strengthens and restores

Skin Type - Dry, mature, sensitive, environmentally damaged

Key product attributes:
 Penetrates the skin for deep hydration and nourishment
 Skin smoothing
 Restorative and regenerative