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Arnica Facial Wash 6.8 oz.


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6.8 oz of light, gel/lotion. This is a low foaming cleanser made for highly sensitive, very dry, or post surgery skin types. Arnica repairs, calms, heals bruising and wounds to the skin; Aloe Leaf Gel is soothing and cooling and is an anti-oxidant. Absolutely NO irritation or left over oily residue from this miraculous cleanser. No oil, perfumes, fragrance, dyes or alcohols. This mild, non-sensitizing, low foaming facial wash easily removes makeup and other residue which can add to skins sensitivity. Arnica extract and aloe offer antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits for the complexion that cannot take normal cleansing.
This cleanser is for EVERYBODY. No matter your skin type, we all need an excellent cleanser.