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May 29 2011

Kojic Acid and Skin Lightening

Since its discovery by the Japanese twenty years ago, kojic acid products have taken the skin care industry by storm. It’s an alternative that’s natural yet still very effective.

This mushroom extract is an extremely popular skin lightening treatment. Many use it for overall skin whitening for pigmentation problems, including as an age spot and freckle remover. Today it is used in a wide array of products, including kojic acid lotion, cream, and soap.

But before we discuss the products, you should first learn a little bit about the history of this ingredient. Kojic acid comes from a type of fungi (mushrooms) and can be harvested from numerous species. It can also be derived from plant sources too, such as the case during rice fermentation. Originally discovered in Japan in the 1990′s, It has many uses, so many that it not only doubles as an ingredient in beauty products, but it is also used in Japanese cuisine. Many people use this product for skin bleaching of freckles, treatment for age spots, or a skin disorder called melasma. Dealing with various types of problems can have an effect on a person’s self esteem so it is no surprise that people do whatever they can to find ways to diminish or cure these flaws.

Is it safe?
There have been many claims in regards to this compound being a safe product to use on the skin. It has been said that although it does not appear to have carcinogens, which are known to cause cancer, it does seem to have an adverse effect on a number of peoples skin who had used it regularly and for an extended period of time; skin sensitivity, which can ultimately lead to a skin condition called allergic contact dermatitis. In order to counter this side effect, researchers found that by adding another ingredient called hydroquinone helps.

How is it used?
Kojic acid products are most often applied to the skin topically, in the form of a cream, lotion, or serum. The usual recommended dosage of kojic acid is relatively small. Of course, one must also take into consideration how this skin lightening treatment will react with their individual body. Those who experience sensitivity may need to apply it less frequently and re-evaluate their usage.

Our Unique, highly effective formula is light weight, oil free, non-greasy and for any skin type. Contains 3% Kojic Acid, 2% Hydroquinone, and Glycolic acid. Whether you have dark spots, dark shading, or discolorations on your face, body, hands, or arms from sun damage, old acne, or use of medications. Skin Rx Skin Lightening Gel is a highly effective solution that will eliminate the skin discolorations that are so difficult to get rid of!

Active Ingredient: Hydroquinone<br />Ingredients: Deionized Water, SD Alcohol 40, Propylene Glycol, Kojic Acid, Hydroquinone, Hydroxyethylcellulose

Jan 24 2011


1. Sprinkle a small amount of Loose Base into the jar lid or a small dish or lightly swirl bristles over Pressed Base (Hint: Mineral makeup goes a long way; you don’t need nearly as much powder as you think you do). 2. Pick up the powder with the brush, working the powder into the bristles a little bit. 3. Knock the base or handle of the brush lightly against the side of the dish to remove excess, or turn the brush bristles-up and tap it lightly on counter to settle the powder into the brush (This keeps you from applying too much powder and getting a dry or chalky look). 4. Apply the powder to your face. Some like to apply in circles, some glide it on in long strokes. Even if you�re shooting for maximum coverage, remember that several light layers are better than one thick one.

Jan 14 2011

CHEEKS: Contour, Highlight, Illuminate

Highlighters come in a variety of forms. Powder form is the easiest to use and tends to give the most natural look. Highlighters let you reflect light, and if applied correctly can highlight and contour your natural facial features.

The key to highlighter is applying with a light hand. You want to avoid harsh or obvious lines. With a chiseled blush brush lightly apply highlighter to the area just above your cheekbones. This will make them appear more prominent and enhance them. You want to follow your highlighter with a light application of blush. If you are using a multi-shade highlighting pallet such as Mineral Secrets  3 Shade Blush Pallet in Autumn Day start with the highlighter above the cheekbone, then using a dome brush apply the darker shade directly to the apples of the cheek and follow up with a lighter or shimmer shade all over. The contrast in colors from the highlighter to the blush will make the cheekbone look more pronounced. After you have contoured the cheekbone with highlighter and applied blush, apply a light layer of loose finishing powder over the entire face. This will reduce shine and help to set your makeup.

You may also use this “highlighting “concept on other facial features such as the nose and chin. If you have a wide nose, apply highlighter down the center of your nose and a darker shade of makeup along the edges. If you have a narrow chin, apply highlighter lightly to the tip of your chin to visually bring it forward, causing it to appear more prominent.

Step 1- Highlighter: Apply just above cheekbone

Step 1- Highlighter: Apply just above cheekbone

Step 2-Blush: Apply darker shade first to apples of cheeks

Step 2-Blush: Apply darker shade first to apples of cheeks

Step 3-Blush: apply lighter or shimmer color over dorker color to apples of cheeks

Step 3-Blush: apply lighter or shimmer shade over darker color to apples of cheeks

Final: Note left side is more pronounced, chiseled and defined

Final: Note left side is more pronounced, chiseled and defined

Jan 06 2011

EYES: 1 Shade Drab to 3 Shade Fab!

Do you always use the same one eye shadow color everyday? Don’t neglect the other colors in your eye shadow pallet—Break free from your everyday routine and learn how easy it is to apply three shades instead of just one! Follow these simple steps.

1.      Prime the lids by applying a light touch of foundation or concealer to the lids. This will ensure your eye shadow adheres to the lid. 

2.      Start with applying a base color to the entire eye lid-from lashes to brow bone. Choose a color similar to your skin start at the lash line and work your way up. 

3.      Next you want to highlight the brow bone. Apply your lightest color here. It can be shimmer or matte whichever you prefer. Apply shadow directly under the brow bone from the middle of the eye outwards. This will help to open up the eyes. 

4.      Now take the next darkest color and apply shadow from lash line to the crease. Blend well outwards. The darkest color can be applied to the crease of the eye from the corners to the outer edge for a more dramatic look. Be sure to blend well. 

5.      Finish by applying a thin line of eyeliner to the top lid. To avoid drag marks and smudges look down and dash short lines with even strokes. 

6.      Apply mascara and you are ready to go. Be careful not to get little dots of mascara on the lid before it dries. Closing your eyes for a couple seconds to allow the mascara to completely dry will help avoid transfer. 

Note:  Blending is key to avoid a drastic line across the crease. The best way to blend 3 shadows is with a precision fluff eye shadow brush. It has a special rounded head designed to evenly distribute multiple colors. 

Jan 05 2011

Lips: The 3 L’s to a Perfect Pout!

The Perfect Pout: Lip Enhancer, Lip Stick, Lip Gloss and
We’ll Provide the 4th L, our Signature Luxury Lip Liner, for FREE!

Start with a Lip Treatment. This assures your lip stick will not only stay in place, but will eliminate it from pooling in the wrinkles and creases that naturally occur over time. Skin Rx Clinic’s Lip Treatment Enhancer is a revolutionary plumping lip treatment that’s works by binding to the natural moisture in your lips. Once the peptide molecules combine with the moisture already produced in the lips the molecules expand filling in the lines and crease and giving you a smooth canvas to apply your lip stick. Peptides and vitamins help stimulate collagen and elastin not only for an immediate result but for a lasting effect.  Lip Treatments work best when applied with your finger in a gentle patting motion. This helps push the treatment into the lip tissue instead of just smearing on the surface.

Next you will apply your Lip Liner. You want to keep your lip liner in the same color family as your lipstick. For example: If you choose a nude lipstick you want your lip line to be equal or a shade darker than your lipstick. This will ensure everything blends smoothly and there are no sharp drastic lines! You want to start in the middle of your upper lip and line down. Do the same thing for the bottom lip, start in the middle and work out. This will give you a smooth thin line instead of a thick messy line. Your lip liner is the barrier between your lip line and your lipstick so it is an essential step in Perfect Pout process. This is our free gift to you when you purchase any of the 3 L’s!

Now you are ready to apply your Lip Stick. Choose a shade you are comfortable with. Always start in the middle of the upper lip and follow the natural lip line. If you go over or above the natural line of your lips the lipstick can run and feather and bleed into any lines you may have above the lip. Same concept for the bottom lip. Start in the middle and work your way to the corners. Again stay within the lip line or you can make the bottom lip look much bigger than it actually is—in a bad way! Let the Lip Treatment Enhancer do the plumping for you!

Finally it’s time to shine. Applying your favorite Lip Gloss can make all the difference when obtaining that “Perfect Pout” look. But don’t overdo it! It is easy to go overboard with lip gloss. But less is more when dealing with shine. The proper way to apply lip gloss is to dab a small amount in the middle of your bottom lip and press your lips together. You can do this until you have achieved your desired look. Applying gloss to the entire lip can be sticky and look clumpy and is sure to come off much quicker than if you just apply where it is needed. The purpose of Lip Gloss is to seal the deal—it keeps your Lip Enhancer and Lip stick in place and adds that extra shine to perfect your pout!

Dec 21 2010

5 Beauty Secrets to live by!

Secret #1: Blending is key

If you’re not sure how to blend…you use three different colors: pick a nude or light taupe for the base, a highlighter or darker shade for the crease and a main color for the lid. Hint- Start light then go darker.

Secret #2: Never apply deep color to your brow bone

You don’t want the drama that comes with wearing too much shadow. Apply shadow up to the brow bone but not ON the bone unless it’s a neutral color.

Secret #3: Smokey Eye is great, but keep it to the lid line

When attempting a Smokey eye it is important to remember to keep color to the lid and just under the lower lash line. Don’t extend color above the crease of the lid.

Secret #4: You should splurge on a good eye shadow

Great eye shadow will stay on your eyes all day long and typically have richer pigments and colors. It is worth it in the long run.

Secret #5: How to pair shadow with Dark lips

Remember the beauty rule “Do NOT play up the Lips AND the Mouth.” If you’re going for a dramatic lip then keep eye shadow light and neutral!

Dec 21 2010

Turn your conservative work make up into perfect Evening on the town or Holiday Party look- without taking it all off!

The transition is pretty easy. You want to start with your basics; Foundation, blush, mascara and gloss. Nothing to severe just your normal office look.
Then follow these steps for the perfect Smokey eye:
For the Smokey Eye
1. Start with your eye makeup: Eyeliner on both top and bottom lashes, make sure you smudge it a bit,’ dark eyeliner will age you. It is better to use a gray liner such as Mineral Secrets Eye Liner in Silver Stone, and a shimmery shadow on the lid. Starry Night is a 5 shadow pallet that has all the colors you need to make a smooth transition! Blending 3 colors together will give you a cleaner look. Don’t apply any more mascara unless your earlier application has rubbed completely off, otherwise you risk getting clumpy lashes.
2. Dab a shimmery blush to cheeks. Minerals Secrets 3 shade blush pallets have two matte and one shimmer shade so you can highlight while you apply blush.
3. Powder your face lightly. I suggest using a finishing powder to prevent that heavy caked on makeup look you can get if you keep reapplying.
4. Apply a light lipstick or gloss. Luxury Lip Gloss in Berry Rock is the perfect “must have” color of the season!. And you are ready to go!

Nov 24 2010

QUESTION: What is the PH level of your Jessner Peel?

It is a standard Jessner solution, 14% each of salicylic, lactic, and resourcinol in SD alcohol. 1.9pH

3 to 5 layers should blanch and frost the face.

Nov 23 2010

QUESTION: I have been using a 40% lactic acid peel every other week for several months. I bought this through the MUAC website. I’ve now discovered your sight and you seem to be more professional and helpful than MUAC. I have sun damaged skin where there are areas of discoloration. Enlarged pores on my cheeks and many fine lines around my eyes. I have one tiny spot on my temple that is pretty dark from the sun and a few discolored/pinky dark acne scars. Not pitted or anything, just discolored. Do you recommend the Jessner’s or a Glycolic peel first? I have no idea how to amp up my skin! Thank you so much!

Basically Glycolic Acid is a stronger version of Lactic Acid. They are both AHA’s(alpha hydroxy acid) The Lactic Acid is the most mild of all the acids and is usually used by clients with more sensitive skin types. I would opt for the 40% Buffered Glycolic Acid 2oz—to start with. This will assist in resurfacing the skin to diminish scaring and discoloration, as well as minimize fine line s and wrinkles. This will no doubt kick your régime up a notch so you can actually start seeing some real results. Once you have finished your series of Glycolic acid Peels you can then move into the Jessner Peel. The Jessner is the most severe peel we offer and it is essential to build the skin up to it by a series of Glycolic Acid Peels first!

Nov 22 2010

QUESTION: What is the best moisturizer to follow a peel with? Is there a product made specifically for post peeling care? I use the Willowherb Soothing Serum, is that enough moisture?

The Skin Recovery Creme is a very lightweight crème designed to be used after your chemical peel treatments and only for about 3 days after! It doesn’t have any anti-aging properties; it is more of a post peel “healing” crème so this will take the place of your moisturizer AM & PM for the 3 days following a peel treatment. You will use it over your Willowherb Soothing Serum, you are correct—the Willowherb Soothing Serum on its own will not provide enough hydration.

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