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Feb 16 2010

Be Gentle To Your Skin

Sometimes we do things a certain way just because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. This is true even in our skin care routines sometimes. You may try a new product here and there if you think it will make a big difference but ultimately, you don’t change the basics like how you wash your face. If you are someone who uses a washcloth on your face while cleansing, this information is for you.

You may be using a mild facial cleanser but using a washcloth on your face is not gentle at all. In fact, you may be doing more harm than good. The problem is that most people who use a washcloth tend to scrub too vigorously which can damage the skin. And while the skin does need to be exfoliated to remove dead skin cells, there is something better to do the trick.

A Smooth Skin Shammy is a great choice to cleanse and remove dead skin cells while still being completely gentle to your sensitive facial skin. This 9”x9” cloth has a soft spongy texture that can be used on even the most sensitive skin – even those who suffer from Rosacea. The Smooth Skin Shammy is so gentle it can even be used to remove makeup from the eye area. Unlike harsh washcloths, it won’t pull and tug at this ultra delicate skin which can cause under eye wrinkles.    

The Smooth Skin Shammy is extremely durable and will give you several years of use for just $8.00. Making this important change to your daily skin care routine will help you to care for your skin properly by removing dead skin cells from the surface and pores while avoiding all the problems associated with using a washcloth.

Jan 21 2010

Who Should Use Lactic Acid Peels?

When it comes to at home peels, it can be confusing when you are trying to decide which one to try. You have probably heard the good and the bad during your research including people who have had amazing results and some who have had some downright scary results. This is why alpha-hydroxy chemical home peel products are great, as they work on all skin types and deliver the results you expect. If you are considering lactic acid products, here are the basics and some information about who would benefit from the use of lactic peels.

chemical home skin peels at home

A lactic acid peel works by exfoliating and peeling the outer layer of skin to rejuvenate and stimulate new skin cell growth and to reveal the more beautiful skin underneath those dead skin cells. It is derived from milk sugars, so it is all-natural. The properties of lactic acid when compared to other alpha hydroxy acids are different in that the molecules are larger which causes a lactic acid skin peel to penetrate the skin more slowly. This means it is gentler on the skin but is still very effective for its intended uses.

Because lactic peels are proven effective, work on any skin type and are gentler to the skin than other chemical peel products, they are a good choice for:

  • The Beginner – someone who has never used at home peels before
  • Sensitive Skin – someone whose skin is easily irritated
  • Acne Prone Skin – someone whose skin breaks out with acne often and has acne scars
  • Mature or Dry Skin – someone who is over 35 or has very dry skin

Skin care experts recommend starting out with the lowest concentration possible, as in 30% lactic acid peels, and then increasing in strength once the skin is accustomed to undergoing at home peels. Skin Rx offers lactic acid facial peel products ranging from 30% lactic acid to 50% lactic acid for all levels of chemical home peel users.

Jan 15 2010

Do Lactic Acid Face Peels Work on Acne Scars?

People who have acne scars, whether mild or severe, are never fully happy with their appearance. These red blemishes are difficult to cover and never seem to fade very much on their own. With certain chemical peel treatments however, acne scars can either fade drastically or even disappear completely. It does take time and consistency to achieve great results but it is well worth the effort if you are unhappy with acne scars on your face.  One very common treatment for acne scars is lactic peels. This type of chemical peel is made with lactic acid, an Alpha-Hydroxy acid derived from milk and which also can be found naturally inside the human body.

Because of its natural occurrence in our bodies, lactic acid products tend to be safe even for very sensitive skin and do not often cause allergic reactions. As an added benefit to the skin, lactic acid is different from other chemical skin peel products due to its hydrating properties which allow the lactic acid facial peel to moisturize the skin. For people with dry skin and acne, this is a great choice. Lactic acid products have anti-aging benefits as well as they stimulate both collagen and elastin production.

chemical home skin peels at home

Now as far as acne scars, lactic acid is a good choice. Alpha-hydroxy acids like lactic acid are good for all skin types, so there is no concern about what skin type you have when choosing to control your acne and fade acne scars with lactic acid facial peels. Lactic acid peels are not deep peels and they work to exfoliate and peel off the top layer of the skin. This means that it will take more than one lactic peel to really see significant results in fading or eliminating acne scars. Skin care experts recommend doing six lactic acid peels spaced out every two weeks and then one lactic acid facial peel per month to control reoccurring acne.

With larger molecules than other AHA’s like glycolic acid, lactic acid slowly penetrates the skin which causes less of a burning sensation during the chemical peel. Lactic acid facial peels are proven effective in moisturizing the skin and in improving the tone and texture, even on mature skin. As with similar alpha-hydroxy chemical skin peel products, lactic acid peels are available in different strengths which can be increased for more dramatic results over time.

Sep 24 2009

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Crow’s Feet

If you are looking for ways to prevent crows feet – Skin Rx has these great tips:

1. Avoid excess sun exposure. – It is very important to always wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Even when it isn’t summer, there are harmful UV rays that can cause sun damage to your skin. Wearing sunglasses will help to prevent squinting, which significantly contributes to crow’s feet around the eyes. Wear large enough sunglasses that will cover not only your eyes but also the surrounding area where crow’s feet start to appear. Get a sunscreen with at least at SPF 30. Skin Rx recommends Advanced Protection SPF 30.

2. Exercise and get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. – As adults, we all have stress whether it is job related, home related, or otherwise. Negative stress is a major contributor to eye wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. Exercising daily helps to decrease stress as does getting a good night’s sleep. Wrinkles and crows feet can be minimized by taking steps to give yourself an overall sense of well being.

3. Use under eye creams that are rich in glycolic acid or Vitamin C. These specific ingredients have been proven in scientific studies to prevent new wrinkles and decrease the appearance of crow’s feet which have already begun to appear. Try Glyco-Lactic Eye Crème by Skin Rx which contains glycolic acid to repair and renew aging skin around the eyes.

4. If you work on a computer for several hours per day, you should rest your eyes at regular intervals and avoid focusing on the screen for long periods of time to prevent fatigue to your eyes.

5. Steer clear of cigarettes and alcohol. These toxic substances take their toll on your skin and cause premature aging and wrinkles very quickly.

Sep 16 2009

Sorry Giada! Time To Do Something About Those Crow’s Feet

crows feet, wrinkles around eyes

Giada de Laurentiis from The Food Network

If you happen to go to Google Images and type “eye wrinkles” into the search, Giada de Laurentiis from The Food Network is the first photo to appear. When that happens, it’s time to do something about those eye wrinkles. We know it’s not easy to deal with eye wrinkles – or getting older – especially if you do not plan on having cosmetic surgery.

Crow’s feet are those dreaded lines that extend outward from your eyes and become more pronounced when you smile. They start out as very fine lines, and become deeper and deeper over time.  These types of wrinkles, while they do get more noticeable as we age, are mostly caused by exposure to the sun and squinting! What this means is that even though they are not completely preventable, we can certainly prolong the inevitable with an extra step or two in our daily skin care routines.

Look for products that contain proven ingredients including retinol and anti-oxidants like Skin Rx’s Pro-Med Retinol Eye Cream which improves the appearance of deep lines and works to eliminate crow’s feet. This eye cream contains Pure Retinol, a new form of Vitamin E called Phosphatidyl Vitamin E, and Vitamin C – a powerful combination to combat crow’s feet!


Sep 03 2009

Hey Helen There Are Products For Those Eye Wrinkles!

Helen Hunt Without Makeup

Even with those dark sunglasses, it is plain to see that Helen Hunt is starting to get major wrinkles in the eye area. It happens to all of us eventually, and while some of us will elect to have plastic surgery, there are products out there designed to immediately reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles without the pain and expense of surgery.

Most of us don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on cosmetic surgery to remove the fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes. The process is not only costly, it is painful and requires down time that can be extremely inconvenient. Our society is all about instant gratification – and this is where the wonderful scientists and cosmetic companies come in and create eye wrinkle creams to make us look better.

Skin Rx sells a great eye wrinkle cream called Rapid Response Line Filler. This formula is highly effective in filling in lines and wrinkles in the eye area for an instantly younger appearance.

It’s amazing what a little bit of makeup and the right products will do!

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