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Oct 13 2009

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs

ingrownhairs.jpg picture by tiffanymarlene

Prevent embarrassing ingrown hairs!

Yes, ingrown hairs can be VERY itchy….No, it is not okay to reach into your bikini bottoms to scratch them out in public!!

An ingrown hair is one that grows out into surrounding skin instead of directly through the hair follicle. Ingrown hairs irritate the skin, which creates papules (also called razor bumps).

Because we want our readers to know how to prevent ingrown hairs and the embarrassing scenario pictured above, we are posting these useful tips:


Ingrown hairs can be easily prevented with regular exfoliation. Exfoliating sloughs off any dead skin cells and opens your pores. This allows the hair to exit the skin cleanly without curling back in.

Shave Properly!

You should be shaving in the direction your hair grows – not against it. Also, don’t use too much pressure, let the razor do the work. Try not to shave over the same spot repeatedly, either. Lastly, invest in a good razor. Dollar store disposables are no good!


Daily moisturizing of the skin is a MUST in order to prevent ingrown hairs. Cleansing and proper moisturizing keep the skin supple and smooth which helps the hair grow in the right direction. Be sure to use a moisturizer that will not clog the pores.

For ingrown hairs, Skin Rx recommends the following products for treatment and prevention:

Tweeze Kit #4 – Includes pointed tweezers, Brow Fix Gel, and PFB Vanish roll-on gel.

Herbal Moisture Crème – An intense moisturizer that lasts all day.

Aug 21 2009

Tell Your Blackheads Who is Boss!

Chris Peterson from Family Guy with a giant zit

 Remember what happened to Chris on Family Guy when he got a huge zit? He had to battle it to the death so that it could no longer control his life. Unless you want your blackheads to get out of control – you have to take action to get rid of them now!

Okay – your blackheads may not actually talk to you and tell you to do evil things, but who can think rationally when your skin looks so terrible? Blackheads are a very common and stubborn problem for both adolescents and adults and it takes time and a consistent skin routine to clear them up completely.

Blackheads, or “open comedones”, are follicles which have a wider opening than normal follicles. When these follicles become clogged with sebum and dead skin cells, a chemical reaction happens which gives them a black appearance. Improper cleansing is a major cause of blackheads along with the use of facial products which contain oil.

Skin Rx Clinic recommends Extractor Kit #1 which contains a Double Loop Extractor Tool and Antibacterial Wipes or the Wire Extractor which can help you remove blackheads from your skin without scarring or causing more pimples!

Please take our advice and treat your blackheads. We really don’t need a bunch of crazy people walking around blaming their misdeeds on their bad skin!

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