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Apr 22 2010

QUESTION: About two weeks ago I had an allergic reaction to a Biore cleanser and it totally dried my skin out….now it wont go away! I started using Mary Kay extra emollient night cream and it went away, But a few days later it was back again and the Mary Kay cream is starting to break me out. Ive spent so much money in the past few days trying to find something that will work. Ceptaphil moisturizing cream, vitamin E skin oil, Vitamin E cream, Neutrogena continuous hydration. I cant even wear foundation. I really dont want to go to the doctor especially over dry skin. Do you have any advice?

OK, so here is the problem…you have stripped the skin of oil and it dried up like a prune. Now you have been trying to moisturize double time to rehydrate the dehydrated skin. Here is the problem…you are using products that do not have the ability to penetrate the dead skin that has built and as a result the moisturizer is sitting on the surface of the skin preventing it to breath and clogging the pores and as a result causing breakouts! Here is the solution…re-hydration! You need a lightweight, oil-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free product. It is as simple as that. All of those things can and are irritating your skin and preventing any moisture to reach past the top layer of skin and that’s not what you need to repair. You need a product that will penetrate through the epidermis into the dermis. I am sorry you have invested your time and money and have yet to get results but I can help. SkinRxClinic has Professional Strength Skincare products at affordable prices and if you decide to follow my advice you will be on the path to clear, healthy, HYDRATED skin! Go to and search for these products…Glyco-Lactic Cleanser this is a AHA Gel Cleanser that will control oil levels without stripping the skin. Next Ultra Hydration Serum, this will restore the moisture level in the skin without making your skin oily, and last Skin Recovery Creme, this if anything will be your savior! You can reference these product names in the search box on the website and the products and information will come up

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