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Apr 21 2010

QUESTION: Skin Nightmare! How to sort it out for good? My skin started breaking out and now I have spots upon spots which I never used to get. The spot cream I had been using dried my skin out, which seemed weird to me as my skin always felt shiny and oily. I got a seaweed cleanser and toner to use as well as some tea tree for spots. That was 5 months ago. My skin is still getting worse and I have tried so many different things!

Sounds like you have striped the skin of moisture so it was over producing oils to try to rehydrate and in return your skin didn’t feel dry. I would stop using a toner for a week or so give your chance a skin to rehydrate and produce the correct amount of oils. If you have a gentle cleanser…meaning nothing with salicylic or glycolic acids in it. Then you want to follow up with a lightweight breathable moisturizer that is oil and fragrance free. Try SkinRxClinic Skin Recovery Creme. I know you want a quick fix but unfortunately this is going to be a process but clear, even skin is possible I promise! I have been through a similar situation. Once your skin is back to a normal pH level (you will know when its ready) you should get a spot treatment for the discolorations. You should look into Arnica Cleanser you can get this through SkinRxClinic. Go to type “arnica” into the search box and the products and information will come up. If you are dead set on using a toner look into the Hydra Essence Toner…type “hydra” into the search box and that info will pull up. They also carry a Skin Lightener that works really well. If anything you should defiantly look into this…search “lightener”. Good Luck and I hope this helps!

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