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Mar 19 2010

Jessner Acid “At Home” Chemical Skin Peel

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Jessner At Home Chemical Peel-

I fought acne for as long as I could remember. When I got older the blackheads,  scaring and enlarged pores became so noticeable that I had to do something. When I finally decided to take control of my skin I was extremely thorough in researching what the best “At Home” treatments available were. I decided on a chemical peel. This was scary due to the fact that I had never preformed an At Home chemical peel before and I only knew of people getting them done in an office or spa environment. But the pros outweighed the cons and I decided to go for it! I choose the Jessner Peel and for all of you first time peelers….I documented it day by day for 10 days and I must say I am so glad I choose this route! See for yourself…

Day 1: Jessner At Home Chemical Skin Peel: Application

Jessner Chemical At Home Skin Peel

Day- 1 Skin looks red and irritated but there is no discomfort

I started out with clean dry skin. I put a thin layer of petroleum jelly around my eyes and in the folds of my mouth anywhere I did not want the solution to penetrate. I then applied the Pre Peel Prep and let that dry it took about 10 seconds then I proceeded with the Jessner Peel solution. I poured a small amount of the solution in the dispensing dish,  saturated the fan brush and began the application process. As soon as the solution touched my face I felt it activate the discomfort level was minimal on a scale from 1 to 10 the entire process never got above a 5. The skin turned red the second the Jessner Peel solution was applied and after about 3 minutes I noticed a white frosted look to some areas of the face. I left the solution on for about 10 minutes, when the sensation got intense I use a small paper fan to help keep it in check then I applied the Post Peel Neutralizer to neutralize the solution and complete the Application process. My skin was very sensitive to heat, touch and steam so I used lukewarm water to cleanse my face along with the Limu cleanser which I used Am and PM. This particular cleanser is designed for Pre and Post chemical peels. I did NOT apply any moisturizer as this type of peel requires the skin to shed and a moisturizer would counteract the effect. No noticeable improvements to the skin at this point of the peel process. I know the picture looks like I am miserable but once the peel was neutralized there was no discomfort at all and the shine that appears on the skin is the petroleum jelly I used as a buffer.

Day 2: Jessner At Home Chemical Skin Peel

Jessner At Home Chemical Skin Peel

Day 2- Some red spots starting to appear brownish

So I survived Day 1 with no problem. Moving right along to day 2 I noticed some of the red patches were turning brownish…this is normal and to be expected, so don’t panic. The skin felt tighter and slightly rough to the touch. There was no discomfort but the skin was still very sensitive to heat, so I made sure to stay out of the sun and away from steam or hot water. Still no moisturizer so I used a Ultra Sensitive loose mineral makeup from Skin Rx Clinic with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for a natural Sun Protection Factor. This didn’t help much to cover up the red and brown spots due to the dryness and texture of the skin. As a result application of the makeup did not go on smooth but I was protected from the sun and that is the most important thing, seeing as the purpose of the peel is to correct these issues. Still no noticeable improvements to the skin.

Day 3: Jessner At Home Chemical Skin Peel

Day 3 Jessner At Home Chemical Peel

Day 3- Red spots turning brownish, brownish spots turning dark brown

The remaining red patches turned brownish and the previous brownish patches turned dark brown. Again this is a normal part of the peeling process as the skin does need to peel to regenerate new healthy skin…this is the purpose of a chemical peel. Skin is starting to feel leathery and is extremely dry. Some of the skin has loosened up this increased as the day went on and by the end of Day 3 I noticed patches of skin starting to peel off mostly around my mouth and nasal folds where there was movement. There was a slight itching sensation and the skin was tight. This was the worst day as far as how my skin looked and felt. There was still no discomfort it was more annoying then anything. Still no moisturizer, I am continuing to use the Ultra Sensitive Mineral Foundation as my sun protection. No noticeable improvements to the skin.

Day 3 - Detail Peeling picture

Day 4 - Detail Peeling picture

Day 4: Jessner At Home Chemical Skin Peel

Day 4 Jessner At Home Chemicla Peel

Day 4- Dark patches of skin are deminishing, results are starting to show

So Day 4 has turned out to be a success. The skin has started to shed the ruff patches and the results are beginning to show! I am so pleased with how my skin is coming along. My pores are noticeably smaller, my lines and wrinkles are minimized, the acne scaring has diminished…what else could I ask for! This peel really works! My skin is still a little pink in color and some spots are slightly rough to the touch, but I am no longer sensitive to light or heat and you can actually see the skin improving as the day goes on. I am still using the Limu Cleanser specifically designed for Pre & Post peel cleansing, and the Mineral Secrets Ultra Sensitive Loose Mineral foundation which contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for a natural Sun Protection Factor & to assist in the recovery of healthy cells. Still no moisturizer…

Day 5: Jessner At Home Chemical Skin Peel

Day 5- Jessner At Home chemical peel

Day 5- Skin is now pink and peeling has increased

The majority of the peeling happened on Day 5 and I am really starting to see a difference in my skin! Large patches of dead flaky skin are starting to disappear. The skin underneath is still slightly rough in texture and somewhat uneven, as some dead skin has peeled off and some is still in the process of peeling. The skin is still pink but most of the brown patches are gone, my pores are noticeable smaller, the skin is tighter and acne scaring has diminished considerable. There is no sensitive to heat anymore and because I still cant moisturize I have started using a warm damp wash cloth to increased the peeling process by loosing up the surface skin.

Day 6: Jessner At Home Chemical Skin Peel

Day 6 Jessner At Home Chemical Peel

Day 6 - Skin tone is still uneven, healthy skin is starting to show

Health skin is shining through at last! Hooray! What an improvement, and overnight. The patches around my mouth are still tight and dry. The area around my nasal folds are a little tender but most of the skin has completed the peeling process and I cant wait till I am able to use a moisturizer.  The pigment is still pretty uneven and I assume it will be until I am able to begin the hydration process. I continued to use the Limu Cleanser and have now incorporated  Advanced Sun Protection SPF 30 which is a Physical sunblock containing Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. At this point the most important thing is to protect the healthy new skin as much as possible, so using the The Advanced Protection SPF 30 together with the natural  sun protection of Mineral Secrets Ultra Sensitive Loose Mineral foundation I am confident the skin is completely protected.

Day 7: Jessner At Home Chemical Skin Peel

Day 7 Jessner At Home Chemical Peel

Day 7- Some areas of skin have finally healed

Day 7 I could finally see areas of the skin that were completely healed. Though there weren’t many spots, there were some and they looked great. The pigment on my checks and forehead have started to even out and there seems to be a luminous glow to the skin. Now that the dead skin has completed peeling I can start the hydration process. I will be using Skin Rx Clinic’s Ultra Hydration Serum and Skin Recovery Creme. The Ultra Hydration Serum contains Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally found in the body and helps bind moisture to skin cells. This serum will maximize the benefits of the Skin Recovery Creme. Skin Recovery Creme containing Hypericum & Linden extract both designed to normalize blotchy, irritated and overly sensitizes skin is the perfect lightweight hydrating cream.

Day 8: Jessner At Home Chemical Skin Peel

Day 8 Jessner At Home Chemical Peel

Day 8- Skin pigment turned pick

Day 8 was a little confusing. The areas of skin I thought were healed turned pink again. After doing some research I found this was completely normal. The discoloration was a result of the hydration process I started on Day 7. The areas of skin that had healed were able to absorb more product than the areas that still had some dead or dehydrated skin. This makes sense seeing how the ingredients in the Ultra Hydration Serum and Skin Recovery Creme are designed to increase cell turnover and promote the growth of new skin. The product were simply doing there job by assisting in the healing process.

Day 9: Jessner At Home Chemical Skin Peel

Day 9 Jessner At Home Chemical Peel

Day 9 Finally smooth even skin

Day 9 was a success and I thought I’m almost done and can not wait to see the finished result! The skin tone is smooth and even. My pore are virtually invisible, my acne scar seem to have vanished and the pink marks from Day 8 are gone! The skins texture is softer and smoother.  Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized and the collagen and elastin is plump and firm!

Day 10: Jessner At Home Chemical Skin Peel-“Completion!”

Day 10 Jessner At Home Peel Completed

Day 10 Jessner At Home Peel Completed

Day 10…”The Finished Product”  Words can not express how pleased I am with this At Home Peel! I was skeptical for many reasons at first…will it hurt? is it safe? Does it really even work? Well see for yourselves, I did and it does not hurt, it is safe, and judging by the pictures…it works!

Before I complete this blog  and If  you too do decide to take control of your skin I would like to recommend this: Make sure you pick the  right At Home Skin Peel for you. One that most meets your needs. If you don’t know or aren’t sure you can always contact Skin Rx Clinic via phone or e-mail with any questions or concerns just click the “Ask Our Esthetician” link on the website. We are here and happy to help!

I would like to recap the products I used during the peel process that assisted in the success of this peel:

  • By Mary, July 27, 2010 @ 2:30 pm

    How much did all of this cost? How long did the results last?

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