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Sep 29 2009

Rosacea Diet – Foods to Avoid

Spicy foods can trigger Rosacea.

If you are just learning that you have Rosacea, it might be helpful to know that there are certain foods you should avoid which are known to trigger the condition. Rosacea has symptoms such as facial redness which lasts for extended periods of time, pimples, red lines on the face, swollen bumps on the nose, and eye irritation. Obviously you will want to do everything possible to avoid triggering an outbreak of Rosacea, even if it means giving up a few of your favorite foods.

The following foods are known triggers for Rosacea:

Spicy foods – includes foods that are blood vessel dilators such as vinegars, hot sauces, hot spices, various spicy seasonings and peppers (even black pepper) and spiced meat marinades.

Certain produce – includes tomatoes, citrus fruits and citrus juices, raisins, bananas, figs, red plums, peas, eggplant, spinach, avocados, lima beans, and navy beans


Certain Dairy Products – includes Cheese, Yogurt, and Sour Cream

Chocolate (sorry!)



Soy Sauce

Yeast Extract

In addition to avoiding Rosacea trigger foods, you can also use skin care products to keep the condition under control. The right skin care products are made for ultra sensitive skin and contain no irritants. Skin Rx recommends the following products for Rosacea:

Rosacea Kit #1 – Contains Arnica Facial Wash, Soothing Serum, Skin Recovery, Visible Lift Eye Gel, PVA Shammy. This kit is specifically made for highly sensitive skin and works to cleanse, heal, and calm the skin.

Aloe Soothing Mask – Aloe plays a huge role in calming, soothing, and hydrating the skin in this mask.

RosaPlex Skin Serum – This calming skin serum soothes and hydrates the skin while helping to resolve issues specific to Rosacea including flushing and redness, visible capillaries, pimples, and other symptoms.

Sep 22 2009

What are the symptoms of Rosacea?

If you are searching to find out what the symptoms of Rosacea are to find out if you may have this condition – you are in the right place and our team of skin care experts is here to help! Rosacea can sometimes be difficult to diagnose, so it is a good idea to visit a doctor or dermatologist if you find you have one or more of these symptoms.

The following symptoms are common in people with Rosacea:

Facial Redness – As Rosacea begins to develop, facial redness, especially on the cheeks, will be noticeable for lingering periods of time just like sunburn. The redness may also be on the forehead, nose, and chin. Things which may trigger the facial redness include sun exposure and alcohol consumption.

Bumps and Pimples – When the facial redness is noticed, you may also see or feel bumps or pimples within the red areas or on the outer edges. The bumps are round and red, and are unlike acne pimples known as whiteheads and blackheads.

Skin Thickening – Skin thickening will happen most often on the nose of people with Rosacea, and most commonly on men with the condition. This is caused by excess tissue forming.

Eye Irritation – About half of the people who suffer from Rosacea will experience some form of eye irritation. This may include redness or dryness, pink eye, burning, crusty mucus, tearing up, or a feeling like there is sand or dirt in your eye.

If you have been diagnosed with Rosacea and you are looking for the right skin care products to care for your skin type, Skin Rx suggests the following Rosacea skin care products:

Arnica Facial Wash – The perfect facial wash for people with Rosacea. It is mild and completely free from dyes, perfumes, oil, and alcohols – which means nothing to irritate your skin. Contains Arnica extract and aloe which is great for highly sensitive skin and works well to cleanse the skin of makeup and other dirt or residue.

Rosacea Kit # 2 – Contains six of the best products Skin Rx has to offer for people with Rosacea with Arnica Facial Wash, Willowherb Soothing Serum, Herbal Moisture Crème, Liquid Silk, Aqua Crème for Eyes, and Shammy.

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