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Jan 18 2010

Caring for Skin During the Winter

The winter months mean cooler temperatures, drier air, and, of course, loss of moisture in your skin.  When the outdoor temperature starts to drop, you may notice your skin becoming dry, even itchy or irritated.  Indoor heating systems further aggravate the problem by robbing the air of its moisture – moisture that your skin craves!  As soon as you feel that first chill in the air, it’s time to transform your skin care and moisturizing routine to make sure your skin stays healthy, soft and supple.  Try these products for dry skin to help guard against the elements.

Before you begin your new winter skin care regimen, prepare to receive new moisture with a Microdermabrasion Peel.  Microdermabrasion clears away dead skin cells, allowing moisturizers to better penetrate dry, damaged skin.  Skin Rx’s formula is enriched with natural hydrators, vitamins A, C, E, and other antioxidants.

Once you’ve cleared away old skin cells, choose a gentle facial cleanser that won’t strip away natural moisture.  Arnica Facial Wash is a mild foaming cleanser, specially formulated for very dry and highly sensitive skin.  Arnica, a plant species of the sunflower family, has a natural anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, helping to soothe skin cells damaged by the cold.  This facial wash, which contains no oil, perfumes, fragrance, dyes or alcohols, provides full cleansing with the mildness your sensitive winter skin needs.

Next, you’ll need to make sure your skin receives additional moisture.  Skin Rx’s Liquid Silk can be used either under or over moisturizer for added softness and protection against drying.  This paraben-free serum is made up of plant extract oils and phospholipids, helping you achieve a silky-smooth complexion while nourishing your skin!

Professional Microdermabrasion results at home

You’ll also want to guard against dry indoor heat by switching to a rich daily moisturizerHerbal Moisture Creme offers intense hydration and is very well-suited to dry skin.  Its non-greasy formula will keep your face feeling fresh with a host of natural ingredients, including whole aloe, ceramides, hyaluronic acid (maximum water hydrator), echinacea, cornflower, soy, meadowfoam oil, squalane oil, and vitamins A, C, and E.

Winter might have you spending more time indoors, but you still need to apply sunscreen on a daily basis!  Your daily sunscreen should feature a minimum SPF of 15, and winter sports enthusiasts will want to choose a higher SPF.  Advanced Protection SPF 30 SunBlock provides protection with a lightweight, non-greasy, fragrance-free formula.  Green Tea, vitamins A, C, and E, and plant extracts offer an anti-aging boost.  Remember to guard your lips as well – Skin Rx’s Vibran-C Lip Treatment with SPF 15 soothes dry and chapped lips while shielding against sun damage!

Now that you’ve prepared your skin for harsh winter temperatures, should you make any changes to your makeup routine?  In trying out different makeup products, many women find that mineral makeup is more appropriate for sensitive winter skin than traditional makeup formulas.  Skin Rx offers a full range of different mineral makeup products, including base, powder, concealer, blush, highlighter, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss and more.  Our 6-Piece Starter Kit includes Mineral Base, Porcelain Finishing Powder, Glow (highlighter), Touch of Sun (bronzer), a flocked sponge, and your choice of kabuki brush or dome brush.

Lastly, don’t forget the basics!  If you live in a very dry climate, a humidifier can help reintroduce moisture into the air.  Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.  Get enough sleep (your skin will love you for it).  And even though you might crave a hot shower on a chilly morning, choose lukewarm water instead – hot water can actually draw moisture out of your skin!

Jan 12 2010

What Type of Chemical Peel Should I Try?

Are you thinking about trying a chemical skin peel and wondering where to start?

There are many different kinds of home face peels.  One formula might be better suited for your skin than another – how do you know what to choose?  One important factor in the differences in home face peels is the pH level.

Your skin is made up of several different components, including water, protein, lipids, minerals and chemicals.  The protein in your skin is sensitive to the level of pH with which it comes in contact.  When the skin’s proteins react with an acid, they are broken down – and this is exactly what a chemical peel strives to do.  Existing skin tissues are destroyed, and new tissue grows to replace the old.

Products with a low pH feature a stronger acid.  This means that high pH products offer increased breaking down of old skin and growth of new skin tissues.  Conversely, products with a high pH contain a weaker acid, resulting in a more gentle reaction with existing skin and slower growth of new skin tissues.

If you’re trying a chemical peel for the first time, or if you have sensitive skin, you might want to start out by choosing a product with a higher pH.  Skin Rx’s 15% Glycolic Smoothing Gel features a pH of 3.  Even if your skin is sensitive, 15% Glycolic Smoothing Gel can be used several times a week as a peel – simply apply to clean, dry skin and remove after 5-10 minutes.  Those with less sensitive skin can leave it on for maximum results.

chemical home skin peels at home

If you’re ready for a stronger formula, try 30% Glycolic Acid.  With a lower pH (1.9), our 30% Glycolic Acid offers a professional strength peel.  Skin Rx’s formula features pharmaceutical grade quality and is made from natural fruit acids (alpha hydroxy acids).  Our Glycolic Acids are available in convenient kits, which include our Peel, Pre-Peel Prep, fan brush applicator, and dispensing dish, enclosed in a zippered bag for ease and convenience.

Oct 06 2009

New shades added to Ultra Sensitive Mineral Makeup line

We’ve recently added two new shades (with a third coming soon!) to our line of Ultra Sensitive Loose Mineral Bases.

Please find the shade comparison chart below for those of you who may have used our Original Loose Mineral Base in the past, but now want to give our Ultra Sensitive a try.   Ultra Sensitive Loose Mineral Base is a must for anyone with Rosacea , acneic or  reactive, sensitive skin.

Naturally preserved and completely free of irritants, we’ve taken the best qualities of mineral makeup and applied them to our new Ultra Sensitive Loose Mineral Base: a light-weight feel with the option of layering for more coverage as needed, the simplicity of an all-in-one concealer and foundation, it’s non-comedogenic and bacteria-resistant properties, it’s natural & inert ingredients, and it’s natural anti-inflammatory properties. All of these properties leave you with the best qualities makeup can offer while leaving out those which can add to those sensitive skin issues.

Silky, weightless and very forgiving, Ultra Sensitive Mineral Base goes on easy and feels like nothing at all, naturally. It evens out your skin tone, enhances your complexion and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores.  So go ahead, nourish your delicate skin while getting the beautiful coverage and finish you need.

Color comparisons for Mineral Secrets mineral makeup:

Barely There              A La Mode

Cool Beige                Sugar Cookie

Oatmeal                   Sand (lighter) and/or Gloden (darker)

Cashmere                 Golden and/or Sun Beige

Canvas                     *Honey  (New Color!)

Warm Beige              *Toffee  (New Color!)

Cocoa                       No match at this time

Seashell                    *Fawn  (New Color…Coming Soon!)

Caramel                     No match at this time

No match                   Ginger Snap

No match                    Mocha

Sep 29 2009

Sensitive Skin is a Common Problem – Even for celebrities like Jason Statham…

Jason Statham has sensitive skin.

In an interview with actor Jason Statham, he says “You see, I’ve got such sensitive skin that I can’t have a proper shave because I get a rash. I have to have one of those beard trimmers instead. I also try to compensate for the lack on top.”

While his hard look is (somewhat) due to his sensitive skin, it is hard to imagine that celebrities, what with their glowing perfect skin and all, have any sort of skin issues! That is simply not true, though!

Sensitive skin is quite a common problem. It can be mild to severe and is characterized by symptoms like constant irritation from skin care products, detergents and soaps, and other products; rashes or blotches appear from exposure to the elements (sun, wind, heat, or cold); sensitivity to makeup and cosmetics, and tightening or discomfort without other visible signs.

With the right skin care treatments and elimination of other irritants like heavily perfumed detergents, your sensitive skin can feel a little more “normal”. Skin Rx offers the following products that are perfect for your sensitive skin:

Glyco-Lactic Gel Cleanser – An oil-free cleanser with healing properties to sooth the skin to relieve itching and inflammation.

Glyco-Lactic Toner – A toner without alcohol which is great for sensitive skin to sooth, rejuvenate, and clarify the skin.

Gentle Eye Makeup Remover – Removes eye makeup without irritation and is free from fragrance and oil.

Sep 25 2009

Makeup Tip: Bigger, Brighter Eyes!

Here are a couple easy tips on how to brighten up your eyes and make them look bigger.

Apply concealer on the side of your nose by the inner corner of the eye to cover up darkness.  Use concealer or highlighter on your dark circles as well, but keep to the inner corner-mid eye area to avoid exaggerating of fine lines. This will illuminate the eye area.

Apply highlighter or light (silver, white, light gold, light beige) eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye on upper eyelid and just a touch on the lower eyelids.

Offset redness and open up your eyes by lining inner eye rims with a light nude eye pencil.

Curl your lashes and finish with a black mascara.  When applying focus on the middle of your upper and lower eye lashes. This way your eyes will look much bigger.

At the end of the day, do not retire without first cleansing your skin with a mild facial wash that gently removes makeup and other residue which can add to skins sensitivity.    Skinrxclinic’s  Gentle Eye Makeup Remover,  which quickly dissolves eye make up without irritation, is a must for any vanity.

This is an oil-free,  fragrance-free formulation designed especially for the sensitive, delicate  tissue around the eye area.

Your peeps will thank you!

Sep 22 2009

How Does Stress Affect Sensitive Skin?

Stress can take a toll on sensitive skin in many different ways and can even trigger flare-ups of certain skin conditions including rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and acne. If you have allergic conditions like hives, these can be exacerbated with excessive stress and those with acne can experience more persistent breakouts and inflammation. Especially for people with sensitive skin, considerable amounts of stress can wreak havoc on one’s complexion. As if you don’t already have enough to deal with, right?!

Stress has been shown to increase the levels of cortisol in the body, a hormone which increases oil production and can ultimately lead to oily skin with clogged pores and acne. Scientific research has also shown that stress can slow the healing process of the skin. The negative effect stress can have on the barrier function of the skin results in excess water loss which inhibits your skin’s ability to repair itself after it has been injured.

What can you do to combat the effects of stress on your sensitive skin? Besides trying to lower your stress levels, try these products suggested by Skin Rx:

End-Zit Mask – This mask removes dirt and excess oil while maintaining the perfect pH balance of the skin.

Limu Facial Cleanser – Marine algae, aloe, and other ingredients are combined to create a non-irritating facial cleanser to gently remove surface debris and makeup.

RosaPlex Skin Serum – Awarded Skincare Innovation of the Year, this calming serum soothes and hydrates the skin and combats effects of environmental factors and other irritants.

Sep 07 2009

Quiz – Do You Have Sensitive Skin?

Do you feel like your skin is constantly irritated or dry or itchy – or is it just always something when it comes to your skin? You are not alone – sensitive skin is a common problem! If you aren’t sure whether or not you have sensitive skin, take our quiz to find out:

  1. Does your skin show a reaction to common over-the-counter lotions, creams, or fragrances?
  2. Does your skin often get red or blotchy?
  3. Is your skin prone to allergic reactions?
  4. Does your skin have a low tolerance for heat, cold, wind, or pollution?
  5. Is your skin irritated by certain types of clothing or fabrics?

If you answered yes to at least two of these questions, it is highly likely that you have sensitive skin. This is a condition which requires special care and the use of certain products to make your skin as comfortable as possible. And as we transition from summer to autumn, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your skin care needs as they change with the seasons. As the weather gets colder, sensitive skin tends to get drier – so make sure you are using the right sensitive skin products for the season!

Skin Rx has a serum which works wonders to calm and soothe sensitive skin. Willowherb Soothing Serum calms irritation and redness and doubles as a moisturizer which is free from perfumes, dyes, fragrance, and alcohol. In addition, Skin Rx has a super gentle cleanser, Arnica Facial Wash, which is great for highly sensitive or very dry skin. Also great for your sensitive skin is the Skin Recovery Creme, a lightweight moisturizer that soothes, heals, and repairs with ingredients including Vitamin K, Echinacea, Linden Extract, and Aloe.

If you are looking for a new makeup for your sensitive skin that will not cause irritation or breakouts, try Skin Rx’s Ultra Sensitive Mineral makeup products which are all natural and provide sun protection.

Come back soon for more helpful tips to care for your sensitive skin!

Aug 28 2009

Which mineral shade for my skintone

mineral makeup jars


I have light skin (not bronzed) with light brown eyes and light brown hair. What shade would be the best for me as foundation: Cashmere or Barely there? My skin is more warm toned, I think.  Thanks for your help!


Thank you for your recent interest in our products! Based on what you have described your skin tone to be, your best bet would be to try our Cashmere base. Our mineral makeup is especially formulated for those with sensitive and/or reactive skin types.  We offer all of our loose base shades in easy to use, try-me size 2 gram shaker jars. These are a great way to try one or two shades for the first time and custom blend the shades together for a more perfect match to your skin tone.  Find a color chart below to help decide which shade is best for you.  We are always glad to help. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

PINK/COOL/RUDDY: If your skin is light with cool, pink, or ruddy (ruddy is deep pink/red) undertones, the shades for you to choose from are: Cashmere (not for ruddy), Cool Beige (great for ruddy), Sea Shell (listed in order of lightest to darkest)

NEUTRAL: If your skin is very light with no pink or minimal pink, you will want Barely There. However, if it is very light but with a lot of pink or red, you will want Cashmere or Cool Beige (for red or ruddy, Cool Beige will look the most natural).

If your skin is very fair you will want Barely There (a neutral shade)

If your skin is light with pink or cool undertones you will want Cool Beige

OLIVE/YELLOW/GOLDEN: If your skin is light with Olive/Yellow/Golden undertones, you will want Oatmeal.

If your skin is in between light and medium, with neutral or warm tones, you will want Cashmere

If your skin is medium with Olive/Yellow/Golden Undertones you will want Canvas.

If your skin is darker than medium, but not ethnic, you will want Sand Dune. Very tanned skin or Asians can wear Sand Dune. It is a dark deep tan color.

Cool: If your skin is medium with cool tones you will want Seashell or Cocoa.

Dark: If your skin is ethnic and medium brown to dark your color selections are: Cocoa (cool), Sand Dune (warm), Caramel (warm), Espresso (neutral). (listed in order of lightest to darkest)

Aug 28 2009

Mineral formulas


Rosacea controlled

Rosacea controlled

I would like to know/what is difference from say bare minerals and the mineral formulas now sold at drug store? I have rosacea and even these products make it flare.


Looking for something that will work and not irritate


Thank you for your recent interest in our products! There are so many mineral makeup formulas out there, you really need to do some research, especially since you stated you have rosacea. When you’re looking at mineral makeup either online or in the stores, make sure you read the ingredients before anything else. The major difference are the ingredients used; are they beneficial for the skin, or simply “fillers”. We recommend our mineral makeup for our post-laser clients, those with rosacea, and people who want a wonderful, natural cover makeup. As you see on our website, our loose mineral foundation contains ingredients such as green tea extract and vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) known for its antioxidant and moisturizing properties.

Our mineral makeup provides a luxurious coverage, with the benefits of SPF 15-17, although we do recommend using a sunscreen as well. We offer a 2 gram trial size makeup, and this is the best way to try our product. Most of our first-time clients choose 1 or 2 shades to try. This helps to customize a perfect shade for your skin tone. As you will see by reading through our testimonials, we have many sensitive clients that truly love our makeup. There will, of course, be those who are ultra-sensitive to our ingredients, but really the only way to tell is to give us a try!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance. You will also find an abundance of information on our website. Thank you again and have a Happy New Year!

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