Somebody Give Britney Spears Some Face Wash!

Britney Spears Acne
Britney Spears gets a lot of criticism in the media about her behavior – and rightly so! It is obvious that her irrational choices are taking their toll on her skin. Check out the acne on her face! You would think that someone who has as much money as Britney Spears could afford a bottle of face wash – but it looks like she has other priorities lately. The worse part is, once she wises up and gets her act together, she will probably have sustained so much skin damage from not taking care of herself that she is going to start to look much older than she really is. It is super important to take care of your skin and properly cleanse it to remove all of the impurities and makeup from your pores on a daily basis. Skin Rx has a great cleanser called Acne Cleansing Gel which is Paraben Free. This miraculous facial wash contains no oils, dyes, perfumes, or alcohols and works wonders to clean and calm the skin. Even if your life is crazy and chaotic, you can take five minutes to wash your face!