Cameron Diaz has Rosacea – Even Celebrities Have Skin Issues To Deal With!

Yikes! When we think of Cameron Diaz, we think sexy blonde, great body, perfect skin…. Reality tells us otherwise, though. Cameron Diaz does suffer from Rosacea, so if you think celebrities don’t have problems – think again! Exactly what is Rosacea? According to The National Rosacea Society, rosacea is a "disorder of the facial skin" which causes "red-faced, acne-like effects" with specific symptoms including redness on one's cheeks, chin, and/or forehead, small blood vessels on the face which are visible, bumps which look like pimples, and watery eyes. The condition affects over 14 million Americans and the cause is still unknown. If this is something you are dealing with, what you might not know is that there are certain “triggers” which can aggravate your condition. You can keep your skin from having a rosacea flare up in most cases by avoiding these triggers which may include:
  • Sun Exposure
  • Stress
  • Wind
  • Heat/Hot Weather
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Spicy Food
  • Certain Cosmetics
There are many more triggers associated with Rosacea which can be found on No one’s skin is perfect and Skin Rx is here to help. For Rosacea, Skin Rx recommends products such as Rosacea Kit #1, a combination of products to cleanse, calm, and heal your skin.