Lips: The 3 L’s to a Perfect Pout!

The Perfect Pout: Lip Enhancer, Lip Stick, Lip Gloss and We'll Provide the 4th L, our Signature Luxury Lip Liner, for FREE!

Start with a Lip Treatment. This assures your lip stick will not only stay in place, but will eliminate it from pooling in the wrinkles and creases that naturally occur over time. Skin Rx Clinic’s Lip Treatment Enhancer is a revolutionary plumping lip treatment that’s works by binding to the natural moisture in your lips. Once the peptide molecules combine with the moisture already produced in the lips the molecules expand filling in the lines and crease and giving you a smooth canvas to apply your lip stick. Peptides and vitamins help stimulate collagen and elastin not only for an immediate result but for a lasting effect.  Lip Treatments work best when applied with your finger in a gentle patting motion. This helps push the treatment into the lip tissue instead of just smearing on the surface. Next you will apply your Lip Liner. You want to keep your lip liner in the same color family as your lipstick. For example: If you choose a nude lipstick you want your lip line to be equal or a shade darker than your lipstick. This will ensure everything blends smoothly and there are no sharp drastic lines! You want to start in the middle of your upper lip and line down. Do the same thing for the bottom lip, start in the middle and work out. This will give you a smooth thin line instead of a thick messy line. Your lip liner is the barrier between your lip line and your lipstick so it is an essential step in Perfect Pout process. This is our free gift to you when you purchase any of the 3 L’s! Now you are ready to apply your Lip Stick. Choose a shade you are comfortable with. Always start in the middle of the upper lip and follow the natural lip line. If you go over or above the natural line of your lips the lipstick can run and feather and bleed into any lines you may have above the lip. Same concept for the bottom lip. Start in the middle and work your way to the corners. Again stay within the lip line or you can make the bottom lip look much bigger than it actually is---in a bad way! Let the Lip Treatment Enhancer do the plumping for you! Finally it’s time to shine. Applying your favorite Lip Gloss can make all the difference when obtaining that “Perfect Pout” look. But don’t overdo it! It is easy to go overboard with lip gloss. But less is more when dealing with shine. The proper way to apply lip gloss is to dab a small amount in the middle of your bottom lip and press your lips together. You can do this until you have achieved your desired look. Applying gloss to the entire lip can be sticky and look clumpy and is sure to come off much quicker than if you just apply where it is needed. The purpose of Lip Gloss is to seal the deal---it keeps your Lip Enhancer and Lip stick in place and adds that extra shine to perfect your pout!