Skin Peel after Sunburn?  Aloe.....

Skin Peel after Sunburn? Aloe.....

Susan Travis

A Gel Masque loaded with botanical extracts for gentle, calming effects. Azulene, Chamomile and whole leaf Aloe Vera provide healing and hydrating benefits and Willowherb Extracts calms the skin and reduces inflammation.

Aloe Soothing MasqueExperience Gentle, calming effects as this gel masque, rich in Botanical Extracts, deeply soothes sensitive skin. Whole Leaf Aloe Vera and Gualazulene provide softening and hydrating benefits. Helps calm skin and leaves it velvety smooth.

Aloe & Azulene Gel Masque: Aloe & Azulene provide a soothing treatment after laser treatments, microdermabrasion, professional peels, waxing, and extractions.. Cooling essential oil lavender scent. 

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