Ultra soft, smooth and spongy texture, thin 9" x 9" cloth that lasts and lasts for years. Cleanse the skin with this cloth instead of harsh washcloths. Gentle on sensitive skin. Cleans great around the eyes and for removing eye make-up thoroughly. Great for babies too!

 Contains: PVA Sham

Directions: Wash the Shammy after each use with mild soap and warm water. Allow to air dry before the next use. It dries hard very quickly so bacteria and mold and mildew will not grow. I usually wash mine with natural soap with no detergents every few days and I have never noticed any mold or mildewy smells like you would with a washcloth. It is so great that it is so easy to clean too. You have to wash normal washcloths in the laundry with all those harsh detergents which are terrible for your skin, the detergents cause allergic reactions or psoriasis/eczema in so many people.
Smooth Skin Shammy $11.00

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