Are you a picker or squeezer? It is damaging to your skin. Most pickers and squeezers have scarring in the skin from improper, unsanitary methods of extracting pimples or blackheads. When you pick or squeeze the blemishes, germs and bacteria rush into the area and cause larger pimples, more pimples, whiteheads, pus pockets and under ground cysts.

These are sterilized, individually wrapped, autoclaved stainless steel lancets with micro-fine tip for precision. Will not leave holes/scars.

Contains: Stainless Steel.

Directions: Using a sterile lancet, insert the tip of it directly into the pimple head 1-2 times only. Throw the lancet away, you cannot use it again. Use an anti-bacterial wipe before and after to clean off your face after lancing the pimple head.

Stainless Steel Lancets (200 ct.) $19.95

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