Mineral Secrets very own 6 piece professional brush set. This Starter set will cover all of your basic makeup needs. From foundation application to eye shadow blending, this collection will make makeup application easy and flawless. The makeup pros never go anywhere without the best brushes, now you can too!

This collection includes the following pieces: 1) Powder Brush - Apply loose foundation powder or bronzer for a natural finish. 2) Angle Blush Brush - Specially designed to provide smooth color control, dispersing color exactly where you want it. 3) Eye Shadow Brush - Unique almond-shaped brush head designed to apply color to the entire eyelid. Use it to blend and soften shadow for a seamless, professional look. 4) Eye Smudge Brush - This is the perfect brush for applying eye shadow close to the lash line for a soft, smokey look. Using the tip of the brush will create a thinner line; side of brush a thicker, smokier look. 5) Sponge Brush - A small, flocked sponge brush used in the application of eye shadow; takes all the guesswork out of blending! 6) Eye Line Brush - nylon hair - The small, pointed brush is designed to help you apply a precise, clean line like a pro! I personally use this brush set. These are very good quality brushes - comparable to any on the market today!

If you purchase quality brushes, they can last many years. Take care of your brushes weekly using these quick and easy makeup tips. Take a pea size amount of liquid facial cleanser in the palm of your hand, take one brush at a time with warm water swirl until clean then rinse well. Place clean brushes in a cup with hair side standing up. Let dry overnight and fluff each brush in the morning.

Brush Set 6 Piece $4.95

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