A new generation gel formulated with concentrated mattifiers to instantly create a smooth, shine-free finish on skin and reduce oily breakthroughs on areas of the face. Skin looks matte finished and fresh all day. Paraben-free.

.Non-oily, silicone base disappears immediately upon application
.Absorbs excess oil before it appears on skin surface
.Helps maintain a matte finish.

 Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, DimethiconrVinyl Crosspolymer, Sodium C8-18 Sulfonate, Lactoglobulin Sulfonate, Hamamelis Virginia (witch hazel), Water


Witch Hazel. Absorbs and diffuses excess oil creating a smooth, matte finish

Silicone. Used as a base to create a lightweight, non-oily surface on skin.

 Directions: Prior to makeup, apply a small amount to oily areas, such as the T-Zone. Avoid using moisturizers on those areas PRIOR to application. Use your moisturizer after.

Remember your daily regimen - CLEANSE, TONER OR SERUM, MOISTURIZER !!
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