Our 50% Lactic Acid home skin peel has a low pH of 2.8 formulated for a safe and effective home skin peel. Lactic Acid is a superior exfoliant, and since it is a naturally occurring human metabolite, it is also a highly recommended treatment for hyper-pigmentation. Lactic Acid, which occurs naturally in the skin, is a primary element of the skins natural moisturizing system.

Lactic Acid is less irritating to the skin than most glycolic acid peels, which makes it a wonderful option for those with more sensitive skin types. This product is an excellent choice for clients in search of a peel with a good acidic value and will cause virtually no irritation. 50% Lactic Acid home peel is ideal for clients whose skin has already acclimated to milder formulas. Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy (ADA) acid and is a milk product. Those allergic to milk should not use this peel. This 1oz container of our 50% Lactic Acid home peel is a perfect introductory size.

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Directions for using a 50% Lactic Acid Peels
1. Avoid exfoliating your skin for a few days prior to use.
2. Wash your skin thoroughly with a mild cleanser before applying the solution.
3. Apply Peel Prep solution to remove excess oil
and further cleanse your skin.
4. Apply the Lactic Acid solution to a cotton or gauze pad and gently stroke over your face beginning with the forehead. Avoid the area around the eyes and lips.
5. For first use, leave the solution on for 30-60 seconds. This time can be increased to 1-3 minutes as your skin becomes used to the product.
6. Rinse well with water.
7. Repeat every 5-7 days.

50% Lactic Acid Peels $19.00

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