This unique brush with natural soft goat hair holds weeks worth of loose powder or loose mineral base in its handle. Just press the button at the end to bring more powder to the bristles.

Fill it with your choice of Mineral Secrets Loose base or any powder or bronzer. It has a top and a protective plastic cover to keep bristles in shape when not in use.

Pop it in your purse. t is ready to travel where ever you go! Very convenient and easy to use! Everything you need to powder your face in one easy container. Soft! You will love the feel.

Directions: To load the powder into the brush, unscrew the bottom from the barrel of the brush. Get a piece of clean, white paper and fold it in half. Place the powder you wish to use on the fold of the paper. Gently tap the powder into the barrel of the brush. Screw the bottom back on. Press the bottom once or twice only. Rub the brush onto a tissue to start the flow of powder. You won't believe how easy this is. Soft! Soft! brush. Take it with you anywhere, fits in your purse. No Fuss , No Muss. 

Ingredients: Goat hair bristles.

If you purchase quality brushes, they can last many years. Take care of your brushes weekly using these quick and easy makeup tips. Take a pea size amount of liquid facial cleanser in the palm of your hand, take one brush at a time with warm water swirl until clean then rinse well. Place clean brushes in a cup with hair side standing up. Let dry overnight and fluff each brush in the morning.

Pump Brush $10.00

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