3 Steps To Blackhead Prevention

Washing FaceWoman washes her faceLarger resolution image available here: http://www.stockxpert.com ..	  People / Portraits / Female If you are like the rest of the people on this planet, you probably have more than a few blackheads that need removing from your skin. Squeezing and picking is not the answer, though! When you pick at or squeeze your blemishes, you cause damage to your skin – sometimes in the form of irreversible scars. You can use a proven method to remove blackheads that will leave your skin clear and smooth with a little bit of work and a consistent cleansing routine. You also have to work to prevent new blackheads from forming. Keep reading for 3 Steps To Prevent Blackheads: Step 1 – Cleanse Your Skin Choose a quality cleansing product such as Skin Rx’s Arnica Facial Wash to wash away all of the dirt and impurities on your skin. Step 2 – Use an Oil Control Product After cleansing your skin, it is important to use a product which eliminates excess oil which can lead to additional blackheads. A good oil control product will remove excess oil without causing dryness. Skin Rx offers a great oil control product called Acne and Oil Control Gel which works to reduce oil production while also exfoliating and hydrating the skin. Step 3 – Use an Acne Spot Treatment Even after cleansing and removing excess oil, you may still have some trouble spots that need a bit of extra attention. To get rid of current blemishes, try Skin Rx’s Medicated Acne Spot Treatment which is hypoallergenic and is made to get rid of acne bacteria, reduce oil production, clear up skin redness, and quickly clear acne blemishes without irritation or over-drying. When you make it a goal to clear up your skin – stick with it! A consistent routine is the most proven method to clear up acne and prevent new blackheads and blemishes.