How Do I Get Rid of Liver Spots?!?!

Photo Credit: Lentigines often go by more common names like “liver spots”, “brown spots”, or “age spots”. They are not caused by age or by anything to do with your liver or your age, though. These brown spots are skin discolorations which are caused by sun damage. If you do not wear sunscreen on a regular basis, these brown spots are inevitable. So if you do not already have brown spots on your face – today is a great day to start wearing a good sunscreen such as Skin Rx’s Advanced Protection SPF 30. This is a great choice because it is not greasy or heavy like many of the sun protection products on the market today and it doubles as a moisturizer. If you already have brown spots on your skin, you are not alone. And if you are reading this because you want to know how to get rid of brown spots, you came to the right blog! chemical home skin peels at home Try a Skin Lightener with Hydroquinone – The first thing you can try is a skin lightener which contains Hydroquinone. This ingredient, in concentrations of at least 2%, can work wonders on removing age spots. Hydroquinone has been proven effective in scientific studies to lighten the color of a person’s skin, so it is a great topical alternative to expensive laser procedures. If you want to try a skin lightener, try Skin Rx’s Skin Lightener cream. Glycolic Acid Peels – Glycolic Acid Peels are used to resurface the skin which can help remove brown spots on the face. While many people go to a physician or spa to have a glycolic acid peel, there are over-the-counter versions which work just as well – but without the high price tag or the need to leave your home! If you want to perform a professional glycolic acid peel at home, try Skin Rx’s Glycolic Kit #1, which has pharmaceutical grade ingredients and includes everything you need in a convenient zip-up case. chemical home skin peels at home