QUESTION: I wanted to know which product gives the better result - 40% unbuffered rx strength or 60% buffered strength glycolic acid skin peel?

Great question...Buffered peels are partially neutralized to a pH of around 2.1. The resulting product is considered just as effective and safer for home / non-professional use. Unbuffered peels are at lower pHs and are said to act quicker and more aggressively on the skin and I strongly recommend that unbuffered peels be neutralized with a peel neutralizer. If you decide to go with the Unbuffered Rx strength I recommend also purchasing Skin Rx Clinics 2 oz Home Skin Peel Kit. This can be found on our website just search "peel kit" and scroll down. The kit contains a Pre Peel Prep and Post Peel Neutralizer as well as application fan brush and dispensing dish.