QUESTION: Does lemon juice actually get rid of freckles? Will it damage my skin? If not how often should I do it? I have pale dry skin right now with lots of freckles on my face. Any advice?

I would first like to say you will...and I know you may not think so grow to embrace your freckles! But, if you for some reason do not under no circumstance should you ever put lemon juice on your skin, especially you FACE!!! With that being said...because lemon juice is super acidic the theory behind it is the acid can be used as a lightening agent. Unfortunately this is a myth...the pH level of lemon juice will never be low enough to have any effect on the skin, it will if anything only further dry out and dehydrate it! But you are in luck because there just happens to be an Acid that is specifically formulated for hyperpigmentation or dark spots and discolorations and essentially that is what freckles over production of melanin. It is called Lactic Acid and is a superior exfoliant and is highly recommended for hyper-pigmentation. Typically, a Lactic Acid peel does not cause noticeable sloughing like other acid peels and it is a safe "At Home Peel" My favorite Lactic Acid Peel can be found at