QUESTION: Hi I'm a 45 year old male. For the most part I have good skin, slight wrinkles around the eye area. I do however have bags under my eyes I think it is a hereditary trait. What can I use to keep looking young and to reduce the bags under my eyes?

Puffiness under the eyes is usually caused from fluid retention but can be caused by many things. Lack of sleep, hereditary, sun damage, stress, allergies and even food can cause puffiness…foods high in salt for example. The best way to address under eye bags is with an eye cream specifically designed for under eye puffiness. Eye creams are a good way to get rid of the dark circles, wrinkles, and under eye bags and generally hydrate and moisturize the skin around your eyes. Skin Rx Clinic Eye Bright Anti-Puffiness Gelee improves skins elasticity, firmness and blood circulation and repairs and restores skin that has already been damage. Eye Bright Anti-Puffiness Gelee is a super-cooling advanced peptide-packed gel that helps decongest and revitalize around the eyes. Cucumber and licorice extract help calm swelling and irritation.