QUESTION: I Like Wearing Blush. But I Want To Know What Shade Is Good For Darker Skin Tones?

It is good to hear you like wearing a Make Up Artist I know the importance of blush and you are absolutely correct....the right shade is vital!! First you want to go with a Pressed Blush...preferable Mineral Based (because you have darker skin tones the pigments in the mineral blush will show up better and you won’t have to apply it so heavy). I have some color suggestions for you and exactly where to go to get them...Mineral Secrets is a Mineral Make Up company that has high quality pigments at affordable prices. Here's how you find them. Go to search "blush" and check out "St Tropez" it looks dark but I assure you it is a beautiful color once applied and looks fabulous on darker completions. If you are looking for something a little more mild with a little less color go for "Ginger or Maple Leaf" But I can tell you right now looks can be deceiving and although it looks dark and bright in the picture St Tropez looks fabulous on!