QUESTION: I tend to get really bad dry skin around my t-zone and nose so my skin always looks ruff and uneven. I've tried moisturizer but it always seems to comes back during the day...Any ideas or suggestions?

This is tough because most of the time the t-zone is oily and the main concern is reducing oil production. Your situation is reverse. You say you are moisturizing but getting no results...this is because the moisturizer can not penetrate the dead dry skin. I suggest using an exfoliating product. I have had great results with SkinRxClinic Microdermabrasion Peel. It contains Corundum Crystals (same crystals that are used in the machines at a Doctor's office or Salon) and it is enriched with natural hydrators, Vitamins A, C, E and other anti-oxidants, best of all it is all natural without harsh chemicals, fragrances, oils or drugs! You would just need a little bit, maybe a pea size and you would lightly rub the micro crystals over the areas where you have dead skin build up and it will polish the dead skin away allowing your moisturizer to penetrate and as a result hydrating the skin. It is inexpensive and lasts a long time.They also have a Skin Recovery Creme that is lightweight and hydrating. It is worth checking out...go to reference "micro" in the search box and the product and information will come up.