QUESTION: What eye shadow colors should I use? I have brown hair and hazel eyes. What colors would suits me best?

Most people you talk to will say stay neutral and natural...go with brown, gold  and darker shades. I also thought this was true until I became a Make Up Artist and Skin Specialist! When you have dark hair and hazel eyes you do not want to hide them with dull, blah colors that will if anything make you look washed out! Opt for a purple shadow something light like Lilac MineralSecrets offers mineral based eyeshadow with high quality pigments for better color and all day stay! Look in to Celestial, Ivy & Haze. They are sure to be a huge hit for the season! Go to they come in Pressed and Loose Minerals, just search "eyeshadow" and they will come up! They also offer eyeliner that go with the shadows. When you on the site search "eyeliner" and they will come up Sage goes great with Ivy, Purple looks great with Celestial & Chanti