QUESTION: Where can I get a good purple eye shadow? Can you please tell me the brand and color name/number. I live in the UK so it must be available in superdrug or boots :)

SkinRxClinic has the best Purple eyeshadws and eye liners! They are my favorite...lasts all day and has great mineral pigments. Celestial Pressed & Crushed eyeshadow is a great purple as well as a the Purple eyeliner! And the best part they are all on clearance and they ship Internationally! Go to type "eye" in search box and scroll down they will come up and you can check out the colors! They are minerals so the pigments are awesome and you can use the mineral pigments for different this....for example if you add the pigments to clear nail polish it will custom make that color nail polish, and the same thing go for lip gloss, just add your favorite crushed minerals into the gloss and you have custom blended lip gloss! Hope this helps!