How Do Glycolic Acid Moisturizers Work?

Tiffany Holley
Facial moisturizers are good for a couple of different things when it comes to skin care. Moisturizers help to regulate the hydration of the skin by controlling the amount of moisture that can penetrate to the dermis and they can move water into the skin cells from the epidermis. What this means to someone using a facial moisturizer is the moisturizer can either hydrate or dehydrate the skin to a natural level so as not to be too oily or too dry. The added benefit of a glycolic acid moisturizer is that it also acts as an effective skin exfoliator which can loosen dead cells found on the outer layer of the skin to speed up the cell regeneration process. If used regularly, glycolic acid moisturizers work on a daily basis to renew and revitalize skin cells. For personal skin care use, glycolic acid products have been proven effective and are widely available and affordable for the average person. Since using moisturizing products for the skin is considered to be part of a great skin care routine by skin care experts worldwide, it makes sense that combining these two elements can yield great results. The application of facial moisturizer works to form a barrier that protects your skin from the elements to help slow down the aging process which can keep your skin looking younger for longer. The protective barrier also helps to maintain healthy ph levels for your skin. When glycolic acid is combined with a moisturizer, it can easily penetrate the outer layer of skin cells to loosen and remove dead skin cells that cling to the surface. When the dead cells are “burned off” with the chemical compound, the moisturizing ingredients can get to the exfoliated layers of skin to rehydrate it. Glycolic acid is known for its ability to draw moisturizers into the skin. If you are looking for a more complete skin care regimen to regulate your skin’s hydration levels, slow down the aging process to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and to maximize the benefits of moisturizing, a glycolic acid moisturizer may be the right choice for you. Skin Rx recommends Glycolic Face Creme which lightly hydrates the skin while also fighting fine lines and blemishes.

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