What kind of makeup is best after laser skin treatments?

postopskin.jpg laser skin treatment immediately post-op picture by tiffanymarlene
Post laser skin is extremely sensitive and needs more than just time to heal. The right skin care procedures and products are super important! Laser skin resurfacing treatments remove the outer layers of the skin so you must manage the after effects of such a treatment to ensure proper healing. At this time, your skin is much more susceptible to infections and bacteria. After your skin is healed, you will also want to wear the right makeup – something you may not have even thought about. Certain makeup products are more irritating than others, and you will want to choose a makeup that is ultra sensitive and all natural for your post laser skin. Mineral makeup is a great choice because it is all natural and does not cause irritation – even to the most sensitive skin! Also, with ingredients like zinc oxide built in, mineral makeup has sun protection, too. Skin Rx recommends the following mineral makeup for post laser skin care: Ultra Sensitive Loose Mineral Base – 7 different shades to choose from, provides excellent coverage and is very long lasting. Ultra Sensitive Mineral Blush – Several different colors of blush available which provides a long lasting, lovely glow to ultra sensitive skin. Ultra Sensitive Finishing Powder – A translucent powder which can be used both as a primer before our mineral base or as a setting powder once your mineral base is applied.