Why do I have oily skin?

Oily skin is a common problem which leads to other skin challenges including blemishes, large pores, blackheads, and of course, the dreaded greasy shine. Oily skin can affect people of all ages, but in general, oily skin is worse in teenage years and tends to dry out as we age. For those who suffer with oily skin and the embarrassing side effects, you may wonder why your skin is this way. Oily skin is caused by several different factors including:
  • Hormone levels (during pregnancy, menopause, teenage years, birth control pills)
  • Certain cosmetics
  • Genes (sorry, oily skin can be hereditary!)
  • Diet
  • Humidity in the air
Some things you can control, like your diet, but other factors, like your genes, you can not control. What you can do to control oily skin, however, is use the right products. Below are some of the recommended products by the estheticians at Skin Rx Clinic: Glycolic Oily Kit: Contains a cleanser, an eye cream, and a lotion which work together to shrink pores, clear away blackheads, and cleanse away excess oil. Acne 3-Step Control System: With a patented 3 Step system made of an Acne Cleansing Gel, an Acne Purifying Tonic, and an Acne and Oil Control Gel, you are just three steps away from clear, clean skin. Come back soon for more tips on how to control oily skin!