Does your face feel and look dry and dull? Do you ask yourself, "WHY?" Do you tell yourself, "I wash my face, I moisturize, I don't get it?" Well here are some reasons why your face may look and feel dry and dull: Pollution, dry heat, hot showers, and lack of water intake. These factors may all weather your complexion, causing a buildup of dead cells that give a grayish-brown cast to the skin. This may be why your face looks dry, dull, and tired. Here are some ideas to help eliminate this problem.

* Drink plenty of water.
* Take the essential vitamins you need to help your skin look and feel good from the inside out.
* EXFOLIATE! This helps to remove dry and dead skin cells. Use exfoliant once or twice a week, preferably at nighttime, and be sure to follow up with a rich quality moisturizer to allow your skin the time to rejuvenate as you sleep.
* Use a sun block everyday! This will help protect your skin from UV rays whether the sun is shining or not.

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