This Pink Flocked Sponge is soft, thick and is made of cloth like fibers, not rubber or latex like most cosmetic sponges. It is 3" long and double sided. It is used for application of powders and to buff and blend the jawline/neck area to perfection, or may be used to camouflage large pores! It can be washed and used again and again. The best make-up sponge available today. Use it for applying mineral base to large pores and they disappear! Then use one of the brushes to apply the base to the rest of your face.

Ingredients: Synthetic (non-Latex).

Directions: For Medium to Heavy Coverage of your Mineral Foundation use this sponge to apply Base all over. Use to blend your Mineral Base into your jaw or neckline. Lightly tap your face with the Flocked Sponge in a stippling motion. Pores will disappear! You can also use, brushing down, to remove any excess Minerals. Or the Flocked Sponge can be used with the Porcelain Finishing Powder to prevent or mop up any oily skin areas.
Pink Sponge $6.00

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