Our 30% Lactic Acid home skin peel has a pH formulated for a safe and effective home skin peel. Lactic Acid is a superior exfoliant and is highly recommended for hyper-pigmentation and acne. Lactic Acid will cause the skin cells to turnover on the surface creating a healthier looking skin, but because Lactic Acid is part of the skin's composition, it is more hydrating than other acid peels. Lactic Acid is also less irritating to the skin and thus ideal for those with sensitive skin or those who cannot tolerate stronger acid peels like glycolic acid. Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy (ADA) acid and is a milk product. Those allergic to milk should not use this peel.

Results of a firmer and tighter complexion typically appear after three weeks of use. Responses to this Lactic Acid peel vary depending on the individual, but typically, a Lactic Acid peel does not cause noticeable sloughing like other acid peels. Rest assured, this peel will break down the dead and dull skin on the surface and kill germs. The result is stimulated collagen and elastin, giving the skin a firmer appearance as well as fighting both acne and dry skin.

This 1oz container of our 30% Lactic Acid home peel is an ideal introduction size, offering up to 10 treatments. pH: 2.8

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Caution Sun Sensitivity. Always Apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher daily. Always Apply a Sun Protection Factor of SPF 30 or higher daily during and after use.

Directions for using 30% Lactic Acid Peels

* Avoid exfoliating your skin for the few days prior to use.
* Wash your skin thoroughly with a mild cleanser.
* Apply Pre Peel Prep solution to remove excess oil, further cleanse and prepare the skin for the peel.
* Apply the Lactic Acid solution to a cotton or gauze pad and gently stroke over your face beginning with the forehead. Avoid the area around the eyes and lips by half an inch. One to two layers of peel is sufficient.
* For first use, leave the solution on for 30-60 seconds. A stinging sensation is normal. If there is excessive stinging or discomfort, rinse with water immediately and apply a Post Peel Neutralizer. After the first use, application time can be increased to 1-3 minutes as your skin becomes accustomed to the product. Application time may increase further as your skin becomes more acclimated to the peel, but the peel should never be left on for longer than 8 minutes.
* Rinse well with water.
* Pat the skin dry.
* Apply Post Peel Neutralizer to neutralize any remaining acid.
* Apply a fragrance-free, non-comedonic moisturizer.
* Apply the Willowherb Soothing Serum or similar calming agent to the skin.
* Repeat every 5-7 days for 5 weeks.
* Apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher daily. Note that the Lactic Acid peel will increase your sensitivity to the sun.

Caution Sun Sensitivity. Always Apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher daily. Always Apply a Sun Protection Factor of SPF 30 or higher daily during and after use.

*Always test on a small area of the skin before applying to the face. If irritation or redness occurs, do not apply to face. If you use cosmetics with AHAs and experience skin irritation or prolonged stinging, stop using the product and consult your physician.
* Do not wax, use self-tanners, masks or Retin-A 24 hours prior to using the peel.
* Do not rub into skin.
* Avoid by half an inch the areas surrounding the eyes and lips. Do not apply to already irritated or recently waxed areas.
* If contact occurs in the eye, rinse thoroughly with water.
* Keep out of reach of children.
* Do not use on infants or children.
* Apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher daily when using Lactic Acid.
* Follow the use instructions provided with the product.
* Do not exceed the recommended application times.
* Do not tan or expose the skin to extended periods in the sun 7 days prior or after using the peel.
* Do not peel or pick at the skin after use. Allow the skin to naturally return to its normal condition.
* Do not use this peel if you are allergic to milk.
* Do not use this peel if you are or have taken Accutane. Consult your physician first.

30% Lactic Acid Peels $26.00

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