Are you a picker or squeezer? It is damaging to your skin. Most pickers and squeezers have scarring in the skin from improper, unsanitary methods of extracting pimples or blackheads. When you pick or squeeze the blemishes, germs and bacteria rush into the area and cause larger pimples, more pimples, white heads, pus pockets and under ground cysts.

This is an extractor tool with 2 different sized ends for small or large blackheads and pimples. Used by Dermatologists and Skin Care Professionals, these stainless steel medical instruments are the finest precision tool for extractions.

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Contains: Stainless steel.


TIP: After a warm shower is a good time to do extractions

Step 1 Thoroughly cleanse your skin with our recommended JoJoba Exfoliating cleanser

Step 2 Using a sterile lancet, insert the tip of it directly into the pimple head 1-2 times only. Throw the lancet away, you cannot use it again.

Step 3 Use the extractor to gently apply pressure over the pimple head. If material is expelled, absorb it with a clean tissue. Then press again to be sure all material is expelled.

Step 4 Wash the area again, thoroughly with anti-bacterial cleanser.

TIP: Apply a clay type acne masque such as our Medicated Acne Masque or End Zit Mask in a thick layer after doing an extraction. Remove in 10 minutes.

Use the same method for blackheads, except omit the sterile lancet step.

NEVER squeeze at cysts or use the above method on a cyst. A cyst will not come out and will cause scarring if you attempt to remove it. Instead, use drying and exfoliating agents like End Zit or Skin Rx Glycolic Acid Peels, Lotion, Cleanser and Smoothing Gel 2-3 times a day. It will begin to shrink and eventually will disappear. Feel free to use ice and hot compresses (alternating) on cysts. Remember, a cyst looks much better aesthetically as just a bump under the skin and can be covered easily, but when you have squeezed it and opened it, it will look disastrous for weeks. Think before you pick. Be sure to disinfect the skin when finished and clean your facial cleansing tools with alcohol or hot water.

Wire Extractor $6.95

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