30% Glycolic Peel – Who Should Use It and What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

Glycolic acid is a very commonly used active ingredient in facial chemical peels. Glycolic acid works well on nearly all skin types to boost skin cell turnover, improve elasticity, reduce the appearance of scars, and to restore natural moisturizing properties within skin cells. Using a glycolic acid peel should not be taken lightly, however. Your skin needs to be prepared for such a treatment with a skin care regimen of products such as Retin A, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, or other similar treatments. Glycolic Acid peels work well as effective anti-aging treatments, scar minimizing treatments, and even acne treatments, or to just rejuvenate the skin from time to time. You may have already heard that exfoliation of the skin on a regular basis is necessary to promote new skin cell regeneration, especially since this natural process begins to slow down as we age. In order for your skin to continue to renew however, exfoliation alone will not do the trick. chemical home skin peels at home After you have prepared your skin properly, you can use a 30% glycolic acid peel for these purposes. For sensitive to normal skin, a concentration of 30% is recommended until your skin acclimated to this ingredient at which time you may be able to graduate to a higher concentration to yield more dramatic results. If you are thinking about trying a Glycolic Peel at home, Skin Rx recommends trying the Glycolic Peel Kit #1, which is a professional strength peel kit that comes with everything you need including a Pre-Peel Prep, the Peel, an Applicator Brush, and a Dispensing Dish.