40% Glycolic Peel – Realistic Expectations for Experienced Users

40% Glycolic Peels are great for people who have either used 30% Glycolic Peels several times and wish for more dramatic results or for those who have mature skin, over the age of 35. A chemical peel has many benefits, but you should know what to expect beforehand. Having realistic expectations will ensure you are happy with the results. When using Glycolic Acid for your skin, you can expect to see an improvement in the way your skin care products penetrate and work on your skin overall. As you exfoliate the top layer of your skin, you will notice that your topical products penetrate more deeply and evenly and produce a better result as they are able to get deeper into the derma.   You can also expect with a 40% Glycolic Peel to see a reduced appearance of mild scars. The scars will not completely disappear, but they will fade and be less noticeable. A 40% Glycolic Peel is an effective treatment for removing stubborn blackheads that have otherwise not gone away with other methods. If your face is holding a lot of blackheads which makes your pores very noticeable, the removal of these blackheads may help your pores to appear less pronounced. As for sun damage and wrinkles, a 40% peel is a good choice. The treatments will be able to correct much of the sun damage and reduce the depth and appearance of some wrinkles for a younger look. If you plan to continue exposing your face to the sun however, glycolic acid peels are not a good choice for you as you will be at an increased risk of sun damage. You must protect your new layer of skin with sun protection products. Keep in mind that using Glycolic Peels is a process. While one treatment will result in some improvement to your skin, you can’t expect a miracle overnight. Expect to repeat the process about six to eight times for optimal results. If you are ready for a 40% peel, Skin Rx recommends the following complete kit: Glycolic Peel Kit #3 – Includes Pre-Peel Prep, 40% Peel, an Applicator Brush and a Dispenser Dish.