CHEEKS: Contour, Highlight, Illuminate

Highlighters come in a variety of forms. Powder form is the easiest to use and tends to give the most natural look. Highlighters let you reflect light, and if applied correctly can highlight and contour your natural facial features. The key to highlighter is applying with a light hand. You want to avoid harsh or obvious lines. With a chiseled blush brush lightly apply highlighter to the area just above your cheekbones. This will make them appear more prominent and enhance them. You want to follow your highlighter with a light application of blush. If you are using a multi-shade highlighting pallet such as Mineral Secrets  3 Shade Blush Pallet in Autumn Day start with the highlighter above the cheekbone, then using a dome brush apply the darker shade directly to the apples of the cheek and follow up with a lighter or shimmer shade all over. The contrast in colors from the highlighter to the blush will make the cheekbone look more pronounced. After you have contoured the cheekbone with highlighter and applied blush, apply a light layer of loose finishing powder over the entire face. This will reduce shine and help to set your makeup. You may also use this “highlighting “concept on other facial features such as the nose and chin. If you have a wide nose, apply highlighter down the center of your nose and a darker shade of makeup along the edges. If you have a narrow chin, apply highlighter lightly to the tip of your chin to visually bring it forward, causing it to appear more prominent.
Step 1- Highlighter: Apply just above cheekbone
Step 2-Blush: Apply darker shade first to apples of cheeks
Step 3-Blush: apply lighter or shimmer color over dorker color to apples of cheeks
Final: Note left side is more pronounced, chiseled and defined