EYES: 1 Shade Drab to 3 Shade Fab!

Do you always use the same one eye shadow color everyday? Don’t neglect the other colors in your eye shadow pallet---Break free from your everyday routine and learn how easy it is to apply three shades instead of just one! Follow these simple steps.

1.      Prime the lids by applying a light touch of foundation or concealer to the lids. This will ensure your eye shadow adheres to the lid. 

2.      Start with applying a base color to the entire eye lid-from lashes to brow bone. Choose a color similar to your skin start at the lash line and work your way up. 







3.      Next you want to highlight the brow bone. Apply your lightest color here. It can be shimmer or matte whichever you prefer. Apply shadow directly under the brow bone from the middle of the eye outwards. This will help to open up the eyes. 








4.      Now take the next darkest color and apply shadow from lash line to the crease. Blend well outwards. The darkest color can be applied to the crease of the eye from the corners to the outer edge for a more dramatic look. Be sure to blend well. 







5.      Finish by applying a thin line of eyeliner to the top lid. To avoid drag marks and smudges look down and dash short lines with even strokes. 







6.      Apply mascara and you are ready to go. Be careful not to get little dots of mascara on the lid before it dries. Closing your eyes for a couple seconds to allow the mascara to completely dry will help avoid transfer. 

Note:  Blending is key to avoid a drastic line across the crease. The best way to blend 3 shadows is with a precision fluff eye shadow brush. It has a special rounded head designed to evenly distribute multiple colors.