Glycolic Acid as an Anti-Aging Treatment

Out of all the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) used in skin care, glycolic acid products provide the most effective results in skin rejuvenation. AHA’s are excellent skin exfoliators, which work to remove dead skin cells gathered on the skin’s surface to uncover softer, smoother, and younger-looking skin. Additionally, glycolic facial peels are an effective anti-aging treatment which can also increase collagen production, improve elasticity, improve skin tone & texture, and decrease enlarged pores. The amazing thing is that AHA’s are naturally derived from sugar cane, milk, or fruit. As far as anti-aging, continuous positive results since these types of products were introduced onto the market showing improvement in fine lines and wrinkles has proven that glycolic acid can stand the test of time. Even age spots or sun spots that can make a person look severely aged can be significantly improved with the use of glycolic acid products. Glycolic peels work to exfoliate and peel the top layer of skin, which gives it a smoother texture by encouraging the growth of healthy skin cells. When used in combination with a percentage of hydroquinone, age spots and other discolorations can be completely erased. As the glycolic acid removes the dead surface skin cells, the hydroquinone can better penetrate the skin so newer skin cells are not pigmented. chemical home skin peels at home The bottom line is that glycolic acid products do make a difference. In a relatively short period of time, a noticeable improvement can be seen in skin texture and with continued use it can even prevent wrinkles from appearing prematurely. When used on a recommended schedule, glycolic acid is a proven way to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and produces significant improvement on sun damaged skin. The best glycolic acid can now be used at home, even professional strength glycolic which was previously only available through a medical spa or dermatologist. Skin Rx offers glycolic acid products in strengths up to 40% for the home user. For the first time glycolic treatment users, Skin Rx Clinic recommends Glycolic Peel Kit #1 which has 30% glycolic acid. For experienced glycolic acid users, try the Glycolic Peel Kit # 3, a 40% glycolic treatment. In between each glycolic treatment, Skin Rx offers glycolic acid products including Glycolic Facial Lotion, Glycolic Facial Polish, and Glycolic Face Crème. Each of these professional strength glycolic acid products has anti-aging benefits and contains high quality ingredients for best results.