Home Remedies For Oily Skin?

It seems that a natural approach to skin care appeals to lots of people, as we have found that there are many, many different recipes for home remedies for oily skin posted all over the internet. Some are crazier than others, but we thought it would be fun and interesting to post some of these “remedies” here for our readers: Lemon – Apparently, you can take the juice of a lemon and just rub it all over your face with a cotton ball. Then just rinse with warm water and pat your face dry. Banana – Some say you can mash up a banana until it is a paste with no lumps, rub it on your face like a mask, leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse. Yogurt – Take some yogurt and massage it all over your face then wipe away with a towel. Remove any remaining yogurt with distilled water. (Pick your favorite flavor, the recipe didn’t call for a specific type of yogurt!) The problem with home remedies is that they are rarely effective and while they are all natural, the benefits of using them does not really compare to products which have been formulated specifically for oily skin by experts in the skin care industry. If you really want a remedy for your oily skin, check out the following products recommended by Skin Rx: Glycolic Oily Skin Kit – A combination of a cleanser, eye cream, and lotion, the Glycolic Oily Skin Kit works to remove excess oil, clear blackheads, revitalize the skin, and shrink pores. Acne 3-Step Control System – Since acne is a big problem for many who deal with oily skin, Skin Rx offers this wonderful 3-Step system which fights acne, reduces excess oil, and clears up acne with anti-bacterial ingredients. Limu Facial Cleanser – For those of you who are looking for a natural remedy for your oily skin, try a facial cleanser like the Limu Facial Cleanser by Skin Rx. This product contains all natural ingredients derived from seaweed and aloe which cleans the skin and stabilizes moisture content without the use of oils or harsh ingredients. Have you tried any home remedies for oily skin or other skin problems? Post a comment to let us know how it worked!