QUESTION: I am confused as to what buffered and unbuffered is.

QUESTION: I am confused as to what buffered and unbuffered is. Also, maybe you can help me. I am 47 and of course looking for something for the lines/wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and general dull looking face. I have been to the Derm for a couple of peels(don't know what they were) but they are way to expensive, so I am trying to go this home care route. I am thinking the glycolic is the best way for all of my issues combined. ANSWER: Ok  so here' the deal - Buffered peels are partially neutralized to a pH of around 2.1. The resulting product is considered safer for home / non-professional use. Unbuffered peels are at lower pHs and are said to act quicker and more aggressively on the skin unbuffered peels should be neutralized with a peel neutralizer such as our Post Peel Neutralizer found on our website @ Our 30% Buffered Glycolic Acid Home Peel has a 2.8 pH, the perfect balance for maximum safety and effectiveness for home use. 30% Buffered Glycolic is recommended for first time users. After completing your at home peel I strongly recommend maintain the results with a skin care regime. Our PepToxyl Radiance Serum will address the uneven pigmentation and dull skin and the PepToxy Wrinkle Relaxing Crème will address the fine lines and wrinkles. Hope this helps...please email with any question or concerns you may have!