QUESTION: I have many problems with my skin, If you could let me know what products would work for me that would be great. Here are my problems: Age 45 Acne,Brown spots form sun,Scarring from breakouts. Not really oily not dry, large pores near nose.

ANSWER: I am so glad you reached out so we can address your specific concerns! I recommend starting with a Glycolic Peel...our at home Professional Strength Glycolic peel comes in 30% & 40%. If this is your first time performing an at home peel I suggest you start with the 30% it is just as effective but a little less abrasive. The Glycolic Peel is formulated to address the signs of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (dark spots) improve skins texture (acne scarring & pore minimizing) and kills bacteria that causes white and blackheads. We offer several Glycolic Peel Kit options, Kit #1 would be ideal for you to start out with and is available on our website @ Keep in mind this is a Professional Strength Peel and you may notice a pink or red tint to the skin and some dryness and flaking. This is perfectly normal and I recommend using a mineral based makeup to "Heal the Peel" post peeling. Because it rejuvenates and restores damaged skin, and keeps it soft and hydrated Mineral Secrets Ultra Sensitive Loose Mineral Foundation is the perfect product to assist in healing process and keeps the skin soft and hydrated while providing nutrients essential in restoring cell turnover. This product can also be found on the website provided. Hope this help...feel free to ask any any questions you may have regarding your skin care and makeup concerns!